Bronny James Cleared to Triumph in NBA After Medical Procedure: NBA Updates 2024

Bronny James, son of NBA star LeBron James, has been given the green light to play in the NBA following a medical procedure.

In July 2023, Bronny James went a cardiac arrest during a practice and required surgery to correct a congenital heart issue.

Bronny James Cleared to Triumph in NBA After Medical Procedure: NBA Updates 2024

According to AP, NBA teams were notified on Monday that Bronny James, the son of LeBron James of the Los Angeles Lakers, has received the all-clear medically to play in the league and is anticipated to take part in this week’s selection combine.

The person who talked to the AP under condition of anonymity said that teams were informed about the clearance in a memo issued Monday morning since the league had not made any information publicly available. Every player at the Chicago draft combine is subject to a medical evaluation.

Given that Bronny was able to play the final 25 games for Southern California as a freshman this past season, the clearance decision was probably anticipated. In July 2023, during a practice, he went into cardiac arrest and required surgery to correct a congenital heart abnormality. He missed several months of work recovering from the procedure.

To decide whether Bronny should be cleared to play, the NBA assembled a panel of three doctors who examine medical data and are known as the fitness-to-play panel. He can participate in the combine since they found that he is “medically able and fit to play basketball in the NBA.”

Although playing plans and rosters are subject to change at the combine, Bronny is scheduled to play in on-court games on Tuesday. On Tuesday, there will be a media session with all of the players at the combine.

During the previous season at USC, the 6-foot-4 guard averaged 4.8 points, 2.8 rebounds, and 2.1 assists. He must make a decision by the end of this month over whether to remain in the draft or play collegiate basketball for at least one more season.

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Just concluded his 21st season in the NBA, LeBron James is the all-time leading scorer in the league. He has frequently stated in recent years that he would like to play in the league with his kid.

However, the Lakers star, who may be able to sign a free agent this summer, stated at the close of the season that he hasn’t “given much thought lately” to the idea of joining a team with Bronny.

After the Lakers’ season ended in a playoff loss to Denver, LeBron stated, “The kid has to do what he wants to do — and I don’t even want to say kid no more — the young man will decide what he wants to do and how he wants his career to go.”

“I find it pretty cool that we’re even having this conversation,” the author said. Naturally, we’ll watch and see.

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