Cristiano Ronaldo Eyes 2026 FIFA World Cup Despite Disappointing Euro 2024

Cristiano Ronaldo, one of the most recognizable football players, had a difficult time in Euro 2024 as he was unable to contribute to any goals or assists during the competition.

According to sources, Ronaldo is not prepared to step down from international football, even though Portugal was eliminated in the quarterfinals. He is adamant about competing in the FIFA World Cup of 2026 and winning the trophy.

Cristiano Ronaldo Eyes 2026 FIFA World Cup Despite Disappointing Euro 2024
Portugal, led by Cristiano Ronaldo, was already eliminated out of Euro 2024. Photo Credit: AFP

Has Cristiano Ronaldo’s time wearing the Portugal shirt come to an end for football fans? Many people have been speculating if Ronaldo would retire from international competition after the team’s quarterfinal exit from Euro 2024. Throughout the entire competition, Ronaldo didn’t play at his best, and before the team’s elimination, he didn’t even manage an assist or goal.

Ronaldo, according to a rumor, isn’t ready to give up playing football for his country just yet. He is so focused on competing in and winning the FIFA World Cup in 2026.

Ronaldo’s Euro 2024 campaign was dull and he didn’t do much to help the squad win. Portugal was on the verge of elimination when Ronaldo missed a penalty, but goalie Diogo Costa saved the team and helped them advance to the tournament’s quarterfinals.

The team struggled in front of goal even in the quarterfinal match against France, which led to another penalty shootout in which Les Bleus prevailed.

However, according to a story in Relevo, Ronaldo’s troubles are not yet done. Ronaldo is reportedly targeting the FIFA World Cup in 2026. He actually hopes to make history by being the first player to participate in and score in six editions of the premier championship.

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Ronaldo entered the 2024 European Championship fresh off a successful season with Al-Nassr of Saudi Arabia, when he scored 50 goals across all competitions; nonetheless, his play was ineffective in helping Portugal score goals. Ronaldo acknowledged after Portugal defeated Slovenia in the quarterfinals that this would be his final European Championship.

“Football provides you both initial pain and ultimate ecstasy. These are moments beyond explanation. I failed to take advantage of the opportunity to lead the national team. Oblak performed a nice save. I had to review the penalty; I’m not sure if I shot good or poorly, but throughout the year, I never missed, and Oblak came through for me when I needed him most. The most crucial thing is to enjoy the qualification process. The team performed incredibly well, and we battled all the way to the finish. If you look closely at the game, Portugal deserved to win since they had more opportunities, the player stated.

However, the legendary football player has not yet given a definite statement about his future on the international scene.

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