Cummings and Samad Propel Mohun Bagan To Reach ISL Final With 2-0 Victory Over Odisha FC

Mohun Bagan secured a decisive 2-0 victory against Odisha FC, overturning their previous 1-2 defeat in the semi-final’s first leg in a thrilling match on Sunday.

The 2-0 victory on Sunday over Odisha FC erased the 1-2 loss in the first-leg match of the semifinals.

“Joy” was all the stadium emcee needed to say. 62,007 supporters erupted in “Mohun Bagan,” sending the cheer skyward and back toward the Salt Lake stadium. After Mohun Bagan Super Giants defeated Odisha FC 2-0 in the second leg of the semi-final on Sunday, Antonio Lopez Habas accomplished the feat of coming back from behind to get to another Indian Super League (ISL) final. 

Cummings and Samad Propel Mohun Bagan To Reach ISL Final With 2-0 Victory Over Odisha FC

They will play the winners of the Mumbai City FC vs. FC Goa semi-final here on Saturday.

In the second leg of an ISL semi-final, Habas has never lost. In the first leg against Chennaiyin FC in 2015, a 2-1 victory was insufficient to reverse a 0-3 result. However, in 2019–20, ATK Mohun Bagan came back from a 0–1 loss to Bengaluru FC to win 3–1 at this location. They had then completed the journey. With an encore, Habas will join Sergio Lobera as the second coach to accomplish an ISL double. Recall that Mohun Bagan defeated Mumbai City FC 2-1 in a match that was essential to win to win the league shield.

The second goal will be credited to Sahal Abdul Samad, although Manvir Singh’s hard work was the driving force behind it. On this hot, sultry evening, Singh was unflappable to the heat and fatigue, hared on the right as if the game had only recently started and was not ninety-three minutes old. Before Amrinder Singh walked the ball in, the cut-back took a swing and a miss off Samad’s head.

Right wingback Singh personified the defending champions’ will and hunger by supporting the defense and charging at opponents. Though Roy Krishna remained a threat, a mix of body-on-the-line defence, vital interceptions from Dippendu Biswas and Manvir Singh, Hector Yuste’s goalline kick to deny Isak Vanlalruatfela, and the bit of luck required to win such games was sufficient.

The hosts were behind 1-2 to Bhubaneswar, and Jason Cummings’ goal in the 22nd minute was just what they needed. That occurred when Amrinder Singh deflected Dimitri Petratos’ stinger into Cummings’ path following Thapa’s crossfield ball to Petratos, which had initiated the move.

Engaged from the very beginning, battling in the middle of the pitch and winning free kicks and corner kicks, Petratos was the catalyst that drove Mohun Bagan forward. That will be one more thing for him to do.

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