Ellyse Perry Shines for RCB in WPL 2024: Insights on Playing in Front of Enthusiastic Crowds

WPL 2024: In a recent media interaction, Ellyse Perry, the renowned allrounder of Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB), shares her insights on recent performances, playing in front of Enthusiastic Crowds,  playing under captain Smriti Mandhana and more.
Ellyse Perry Shines for RCB in WPL 2024: Insights on Playing in Front of Enthusiastic Crowds

Ellyse Perry is not one to celebrate and indulge excessively. She has an impressive athletic resume, having represented Australia in both the football and cricket World Cups. She has experienced both the greatest and lowest points that the sport can provide.

However, following her career-best T20 performance of 6 for 15 against the Mumbai Indians in Delhi, the all-rounder for the Royal Challengers Bangalore let her hair down.
Laughing, Perry said, “Last night I had a chocolate brownie with the girls and some ice cream,” at a Wednesday media appearance. “I then went to my room, put my red light glasses and read a few chapters of a book and fell asleep.”

She was quick to correct the record, though, pointing out that prior to Tuesday, she had only bowled six overs in the WPL 2024 and had not taken a wicket. She began the women’s T20 match with a two-run over, but in the final three overs, she picked up two wickets apiece to become the second Australian to return six wickets, behind Rhiannon Dick.

“It’s easy to get really carried away when things go well,” remarked Perry. However, it seems to me that you frequently have little control over whether or not things work out. You invest a lot of effort into positioning yourself well, but there are a lot of other things that affect every game, including the result.

“I don’t really want to react in any way, whether it’s a good night or a poor night, especially as I’ve gotten older. The following day, the sun rises. Luckily, there are always more chances to play games fast in this competition. We are extremely fortunate to be in the center of this absurdly large and fervently enthusiastic crowd, regardless of how well it goes.

“Compared to when I initially started playing a few years ago, it’s a huge difference. Really, hardly many people attended our games, and there was definitely no enthusiasm in the sport as there is now.

Apart from the effort you have put in, it doesn’t feel like you have too much influence when things go smoothly. When it’s here, it’s simple to kind of just savor the moment because life moves on swiftly.”

In light of Australia’s abundance of all-rounders, Perry’s bowling workload has decreased recently. She bowled zero in the white-ball matches and four overs in the one-off Test during Australia’s tour of India at the beginning of the year. Then, in the home multi-format series against South Africa, she bowled 16 overs in the Test and 4 overs in each of the ODIs and T20Is. However, Perry continues to exercise in the same manner before a game.

Since I’ve been playing for a while, I think I have a good idea of how to get ready. Before a game, there’s always time to warm up by bowling overs out in the middle. I do so with the understanding that you are free to play bowling if the chance arises. I don’t feel like I am lacking in overs or cricket because I have been playing consistently over the past 18 months. Being prepared for opportunities to contribute to the team whenever they arise is essential.”

Perry will join Australia for their inaugural women’s tour of Bangladesh shortly after the WPL concludes. They take on the circumstances where the Women’s T20 World Cup will take place later this year in three ODIs and as many T20Is, all of which are played in Mirpur. Has Perry presented a strong argument for Alyssa Healy, the captain of her country, to use her more often with the ball in those contests?

“I don’t think there is a case for anything,” she stated. “Over the years, I have participated in a lot of cricket matches. As an Australian squad, we’ve been lucky to have a wide range of possibilities. There are numerous bowling alternatives available here with RCB.

“In my opinion, striving to improve is what I like doing the most as a player and what keeps me inspired. Over the past few years, I’ve worked on that a lot. There have probably been small things that have given me the confidence to know that I can sometimes pitch in when needed. However, it doesn’t really matter either way. I simply like being a member of a team where everyone is pursuing the same objective.”

Ellyse Perry Shines for RCB in WPL 2024: Insights on Playing in Front of Enthusiastic Crowds

Despite having five losses to begin the WPL in 2023, RCB advanced to the playoffs in 2024. On Friday in Delhi, they will play the Mumbai Indians in the eliminator. This season, they made a significant acquisition in head coach Luke Williams, while captain Smriti Mandhana has played with assurance. What has caused RCB’s financial situation to change?

“People are having a great time, and there’s a tremendous sense of tranquility. From that vantage point, Luke Williams has contributed significantly to the group,” Perry stated. “He and the other coaches have been transparent from the beginning, providing us all with the assurance that our finest cricket will be competitive enough to advance to the next round. All in all, the team has spent more time together. We needed some time to get settled last year.

“Smriti has done a fantastic job leading the group. She has an extremely introverted nature. She has a strong emphasis on building relationships with each player and ensuring that she understands our support, but she has also been successful in doing so with us. Although it takes time, there are a lot of benefits. It’s fantastic that we can support and know each other when we take the pitch.”

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