India’s Victory at T20 World Cup 2024: Player Reactions

India’s cricket team defeated South Africa to win the T20 World Cup 2024 in an exciting final held in Barbados.

After their devastating loss in Ahmedabad, only seven months ago, this victory represents a major turnaround. Here’s how the Indian team’s main players communicated their feelings and ideas after winning.

India’s Victory at T20 World Cup 2024: Player Reactions
Following India's victory in the T20 World Cup, one of the places to be was India Gate in New Delhi. Photo Credit: AFP/Getty Images

Seven months after their heartbreaking loss in Ahmedabad, India triumphed against South Africa in a thrilling comeback at the T20 World Cup final in Barbados. These are the main players’ responses to the event.

Vice captain of India Hardik Pandya: “It means a lot.” It’s quite sentimental. Despite our best efforts, something did not seem to be connecting. But we kind of achieved what the entire country had hoped for today. So many people lending their support.

“And I believe that the past six months have been much more memorable for me… I have refrained from speaking with great grace. Even though everything has been incredibly unjust, I think that if I work hard enough, I will eventually be able to shine and carry out my constant duties. That concludes things. Winning was a fantasy. It’s much more special because you get an opportunity like this.

“We’ve always thought we could succeed. It was up to us to carry out our strategies, maintain our composure, and let the pressure build up to them. Jassi [Jasprit Bumrah] and the bowlers who bowled the final four or five overs deserve praise. Everything was altered by it. I felt that it was high time that we took action [laughter].”

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“I knew it would not benefit me if I lost my composure. For me, it was all about carrying out my strategies and giving it my all with every ball I bowl. I have been in this circumstance, I’ve not won it, but I’ve always enjoyed stressful situations. It’s been fantastic.”

“I have enjoyed working with Rahul Dravid; he is a wonderful man, and I am very happy for him.” It’s great to bid him farewell in this manner and have this be the last chapter of his coaching career. The support team as a whole has been crucial over the past three to four years.”

Axar Patel: “I’ve been getting hurt since joining the World Cup [squad] a few years ago. I felt compelled to do something positive for India this time. I was ecstatic when I completed it at last. I tried not to think about anything and to keep things simple. Considered it merely one additional contest. Did not believe that this was the end. It was successful with that. I didn’t consider the consequences of getting out when I went to bat. I only used the ball’s merits to my advantage.

“This World Cup, India was well-led by the incredible man that is Rohit Sharma. Rahul bhai gave it his all and advised everyone to just have fun and try their hardest, without feeling under pressure. [above the line] I wasn’t supposed to go down the order today, but Rahul bhai requested me to pad up as soon as we lost three wickets early. My strategy of not thinking about my batting worked well for me.

Mohammed Siraj: “Jassi bhai is the only bowler who can change the game, thus that’s why I solely had faith in him. His over was the match-changing over, and that’s exactly what transpired, I thought. To be honest, I have no words to express how I feel—it is an incredible emotion. We didn’t win the World Cup last year, but as a player, I think this match has given me an incredible sense of relief. A World Cup final is what every professional cricketer dreams of. To be really honest, I am fortunate, thankful, and blessed.”

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