Lewis Hamilton’s Victory At the 2024 British Grand Prix

Lewis Hamilton won the 2024 British Grand Prix in a thrilling fashion. It’s his first victory since the 2021 Saudi Arabian Grand Prix and his record-tying ninth victory at Silverstone.

Hamilton trailed behind Lando Norris early in the race, but he caught up to the McLaren driver later on. From there, he managed the shifting circumstances to win his 104th Formula One race in front of his home audience and set a new record with his eighth triumph at the British Grand Prix site.

Lewis Hamilton’s Victory At the 2024 British Grand Prix
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Following two difficult seasons for Mercedes in 2022 and 2023, Hamilton and Bonnington were visibly moved by the situation, and during the cooldown lap, they were both heard sobbing over the radio.

After the podium ceremony, Bonnington quipped, “I wouldn’t say crying, I had something in my eye,” to Ted Kravitz of Sky Sports F1.

The engineer continued, explaining the long road that led to the triumph and remarking, “It’s an emotional one.” He and I have been putting a lot of effort into trying to go back there, but it has been a very long time. It’s taken a lot of baby steps thus far.

In response to a question about whether Hamilton’s handling of the soft tire at the beginning of his final stint allowed him to maintain a lead over Max Verstappen, who was pursuing him, Bonnington said, “I think it’s the fact that the feedback he was giving me of where we were on the initial stint balance, [the car] wasn’t great.”

“We were aware of the areas where the car needed to be corrected, and I believe we set it up well for his last run so he could push.” You just need to make sure you have enough front end in there to cover the front tire, which he does a terrific job of protecting because you knew it would be weak.

“You understand that he will control the tyres and get you to the finish line when it comes down to the wire.”

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“I wouldn’t say zero doubt, but I knew that once he had the bit between his teeth – as soon as I get told to shut up then I know that the game is on,” Bonnington responded when asked if he had never doubted that Hamilton would remain ahead of Verstappen.

Since serving as Hamilton’s race engineer since the 39-year-old joined Mercedes back in 2013, Bonnington’s voice has grown to be recognized to F1 fans.

But with Hamilton set to leave the Silver Arrows for Ferrari at the end of the season, the 2024 campaign will be the last in which the two collaborate at the team.

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