Virat Kohli Retires from T20 Internationals After World Cup Triumph: Rohit Joins Him

Virat Kohli concluded his remarkable career with a World Cup victory and has formally retired from T20 international cricket.

The declaration was made soon after India’s spectacular victory in the Barbados T20 World Cup final, in which Virat Kohli was voted Player of the Match.

Virat Kohli Retires from T20 Internationals After World Cup Triumph: Rohit Joins Him
Virat Kohli with the prized T20 World Cup trophy in hand . Photo Credit: Associated Press

Kohli accepted the Player-of-the-Match trophy following his dramatic 59-ball 76 in India’s seven-run triumph over South Africa. “This was my last T20 World Cup and this is exactly what we wanted to achieve,” Kohli remarked. “This is an incredible game. I mentioned to Rohit during our batting practice today that you never know what will happen when you step out and try to score a run. God is magnificent. I give thanks with my head bowed. I truly appreciate that I was able to do the task for the team when it counted most.

“This is my last T20 game playing for India, my last World Cup I was going to play,” Kohli stated. “I intended to take full advantage of it. And that was our goal. Our goals were to raise the cup and win an ICC event. As I mentioned before, it was the occasion that enabled me to play the role my team needed me to play—that is, to put my head down and appreciate the circumstances rather than try to push things.

“I have, indeed. When pressed to confirm that he was retiring, Kohli replied, “This was an open secret; it was not something that I was not going to announce if we’d lost.” It’s time for the new generation to step up and take over. This was going to be my final T20 World Cup as an Indian player. In a two-year cycle, India boasts some outstanding players who will advance the team in the Twenty20 format and perform spectacularly, just as we have witnessed them in the Indian Premier League. They’ll undoubtedly continue to fly the flag high and advance this squad from here on out.

Since the 2011 ODI edition—which also happened to be Kohli’s maiden World Cup—India had recently won their first World Cup. He predicted that the feeling would take some time to fully register.

“Look, it’s been a long wait for us, waiting to win an ICC tournament,” he stated. “You should also take a look at someone like Captain Rohit Sharma. It’s not just me. This is my sixth T20 World Cup; he has played in nine. It’s hard to describe the feelings I had after the game, but I knew what type of frame of mind I was in. He deserves it just as much as everyone else on the team. We’re just glad we were able to finish the job.”

In the final few games, I didn’t feel very confident or well, but when God needs to bless you, he does it in ways that are beyond comprehension. I bend my head in gratitude and humility at this moment because of this.

It will take some time to sink in and the emotions will surface, but overall, it’s been an incredible day for which I am quite grateful. It’s so hard to hold things in.

After 125 matches in the Twenty20 International format, Kohli finished as the second-highest run scorer for India (after Rohit), with 4188 runs at an average of 48.69 and a strike rate of 137.04. Before making 76 off 59 balls in the final, he had struggled in the T20 World Cup up until the semi-final, scoring just 75 runs in seven innings.

Speaking to Star Sports, Kohli remarked, “To be honest, I couldn’t have imagined this in my wildest dreams, especially considering how my tournament had gone so far.” “I learned a great lesson from the game and was greatly humbled by it. Set aside my ego and put my head down. You are nothing if you believe you are all-powerful and infallible. It’s absolutely important that you accept the circumstances and keep your head down. And God revealed to me that He will maintain your position and draw you back if you get too ahead of yourself.

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Rohit Sharma Joins Virat Kohli in Retiring from T20 Internationals After ICC T20 World cup 2024 Victory

Rohit Sharma, the captain of India’s cricket team, has formally retired from Twenty20 international matches after his side defeated South Africa in a thrilling Barbados final to win the Twenty20 World Cup. Rohit reaffirmed his plan to play in Tests and ODIs even though he was quitting T20Is.

Virat Kohli Retires from T20 Internationals After World Cup Triumph: Rohit Joins Him
Virat kohli and Rohit Sharma celebrates with the trophy. Photo Cedit: AP | PTI

After the match, Rohit stated during the press conference, “This was also my last [T20I] game.” There is no better moment to bid this format farewell. I have enjoyed every second of it. My career in India began with me playing this format. I wanted to win the cup; that was my goal.

“This was something I really desired. really challenging to describe. For me, it was an extremely sentimental time. In my life, I yearned for this title terribly. I’m glad we finally overstepped the mark.”

With 4231 runs in 159 games, Rohit is the format’s best scorer going out. He also owns the record for most hundreds (five) in T20 internationals. He has won two T20 World Cups: the first in 2007 while competing and the current one in 2024 as captain.

The news that Rohit and Kohli will be leaving the T20I format was not totally shocking. Following India’s loss in the 2022 T20 World Cup semifinal, neither player participated in any Twenty20 Internationals (T20Is). They just started participating again in January of this year, with an eye toward the 2024 T20 World Cup.

With 257 runs with a strike rate of 156.70 at the end of the competition, Rohit finished second in the toughest run scoring category in the USA and the West Indies. With his attacking style, he assumed the task of getting India off to quick starts. In their most recent Super Eight encounter against Australia and the semi-final match against England, he struck vital half-centuries.

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