Alex de Minaur’s Exceptional Victory over Daniil Medvedev in Roland Garros 2024

Alex de Minaur defeated former world No. 1 Daniil Medvedev with the support of a unique superfan to advance to his first major quarterfinal in four years.

Gimmick was what Alex de Minaur needed. He required a weapon. He required something more. The Australian was caught in the midst of Grand Slam competitions when he was 25 years old. He had never returned to the US Open after making it to the quarterfinals in 2020. Three times at the Australian Open, once at Wimbledon and once at Flushing Meadows, he battled his way to the fourth round of a major, and each time he lost.

Alex de Minaur’s Exceptional Victory over Daniil Medvedev in Roland Garros 2024
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The previous two Slams were among them. He lost in four sets to Daniil Medvedev in New York in 2023; this year in Melbourne, despite strong home crowd support and a strong start to the season, he ran out of steam against Andrey Rublev and fell 6-0 in the fifth set.

It felt that De Minaur, who is neither as big or as strong as so many of his opponents, had to put in too much effort to win more than three straight best-of-five sets. Not that he was conceding a loss; like anything else, De Minaur considered Grand Slam tennis and the necessity of viewing the two weeks of best-of-five matches as a teaching tool.

In the end, De Minaur remarked, “you can work as hard as you want, and I think I’m one to do so.” “But there’s a lot to learn from how you use your energy in these long, exhausting five-set matches, and how you conserve it.”

On Monday in Paris, De Minaur discovered his something extra this time. It was a new fan, not a better serve or more endurance. That is, super-fan. When De Minaur defeated Jan-Lennard Struff in his previous match, a teenage French fan cheered him on. He hugged the child after the game and then looked for him on social media.

“I must discover this legend’s name!” On Instagram, De Minaur posted. “I need you in the upcoming round.” Indeed, the youthful icon was present at Court Suzanne Lenglen for De Minaur’s duel with Medvedev on Monday, the fourth round. Indeed, the Australian’s new covert tool proved effective.

De Minaur defeated Medvedev 4-6, 6-2, 6-1, 6-4—just his third victory over the Russian in nine tries. The previous No. 1 put up a run in the fourth, but De Minaur turned the tide just in time to escape having to endure a decider.

“He’s accomplished a marvel,” a beaming De Minaur remarked to his admirer. “It might be necessary to put him on tour every week.” “I could hear him after every point, even on that large court.” It’s wonderful to see him back, De Minaur continued, adding that he has a unique voice. If at all feasible, he will return for practice and his upcoming game.

Whether you’re a superfan or not, De Minaur deserved this kind of victory. He made a strong impression in the United Cup, won the championship in Acapulco, advanced to the final in Rotterdam, and made his maiden appearance in the Top 10. He has never preferred clay as a surface, having competed on it in none of his 16 finals. True to habit, he defeated Rafael Nadal in Barcelona but had a lackluster spring on the dirt.

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Everything changed on Court Suzanne-Lenglen when Medvedev had treatment for a foot blister following his victory in the opening set. This caused the contest to alter. At 3–2, De Minaur broke for the first time and took the next two sets. He prevailed in the manner that he always does: quickly and defensively, but also with his underappreciated inventiveness.

Alex de Minaur’s Exceptional Victory over Daniil Medvedev in Roland Garros 2024
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De Minaur was winning points with drop shots, topspin lobs, and ventures towards the net instead of Medvedev. Medvedev hit 27 winners, while he hit 51.

De Minaur declared, “I’m not going to lie, I’m pretty happy.” “We had a fantastic match today. battled to the very end. Overcame a strong opponent in a Grand Slam fourth round, which was kind of the objective I had been setting for myself to advance in these competitions.

“I was really at ease mentally. I was prepared for anything today because I thought there was a good chance we would even play to a fifth set.

Medvedev stated, “Alex played better,” denying that his blister was the deciding factor. “Looking forward to the next ones, because my best wasn’t good enough today.” This incident, according to De Minaur, was a “shock to the system of everything I believed in.”

“I always believed that I needed hot, lively conditions to play well on the clay,” he remarked. “But this entire tournament has shown otherwise, don’t you think?”

De Minaur, who will play in the quarterfinals against either Holger Rune or Alexander Zverev, has declared himself a dirt ball convert—possibly with tongue in cheek. He shouted something into the Lenglen stands after the game. He was questioned about what he had stated afterward. “I exclaimed, ‘I adore the clay!'” This place is amazing! I want more and more!

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