Arsenal Dominated Luton Town 2-0: Mikel Arteta’s Side Eases to Win, Tops EPL Table

Mikel Arteta’s Arsenal secured a convincing 2-0 victory over Luton Town, showcasing their dominance and claiming the top spot in the EPL standings, pushing Liverpool to second place in the latest Premier League showdown.

With Liverpool and Manchester City in the middle of their most recent encounter, Arsenal faced yet another difficult tie. They had just secured a hard-fought point against a resurgent Manchester City on Sunday, and now the next major game was approaching. It was also a difficult fixture. Arsenal coach Mikel Arteta has showered Luton with praise. “They deserve more credit than any other team in this league,” the speaker stated.

Arsenal Dominated Luton Town 2-0: Mikel Arteta’s Side Eases to Win, Tops EPL Table

Even though the contest was already more than halfway finished, the encounter lived up to expectations of being difficult. The significance of the game for Arsenal can be determined by the fact that victory would allow them to pass Liverpool and take the lead in the standings, providing them with a huge psychological boost.

The squad had won eight of the previous nine games and drawn one, thus momentum was on their side going into this match. It was anticipated that Arsenal will approach the game differently than they did against City, focusing less on defense.

What transpired, then, when the kickoff eventually took place? The way that Arsenal’s players shredded the Luton defense, with Odegaard taking the lead in the first goal, left supporters utterly satisfied.

After that, Arsenal did not retreat to their end of the field; instead, they consistently threatened to attack as Luton attempted to retaliate. The intense and continuous pressure came off handsomely, as the normally disciplined Luton team crumbled and conceded an own goal. It was over as a game in the first half alone. This occurred despite Saka’s apparent absence from action owing to an injury.

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The final statistics of the game revealed it all: Arsenal had 58% of the ball possession and had 13 more shots on goal compared to Luton’s 5.

The team ended the game as the top team in the League, with the game safe and the three points in their pockets. An incredible run these past two weeks: 10 games played, 9 wins, and 1 tie.

But even a cursory look at the EPL table shows that Arsenal is still under siege. Liverpool has 67, while Arsenal has 68. Not to be overlooked, Manchester City is up 3-1 against Auto Villa right now. This means that if the final score remains the same, it will reach 67 points.

The fact that Liverpool has only played 29 games compared to Arsenal and City’s 30 is the most concerning aspect for Arsenal supporters!

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