Man City and Klopp’s Farewell: A Premier League 2023-24 Finale Full of Drama

Manchester City is poised to etch its name in history with a potential fourth consecutive top-flight championship, while Jurgen Klopp bids an emotional farewell.

As the English Premier League hurtles towards its dramatic conclusion this Sunday, all eyes are on the intense battle for the title between Manchester City and Arsenal. 

Sunday’s English Premier League title match between Man City and Arsenal—who are vying for an unprecedented fourth consecutive top-flight championship—will go down to the wire and take center stage on an afternoon when tears and goals are normally shed. It promises to be a dramatic and emotional climax.

Man City and Klopp’s Farewell: A Premier League 2023-24 Finale Full of Drama

When Klopp, the eccentric German who has dominated the league with his heavy-metal football and broad smile for nearly nine years, takes charge of his final game at Liverpool, there will probably be a lot of tears shed at Anfield. There’s no doubt that Klopp is departing. It is a more uncertain future for other management.

Consider the players in charge of the three teams—Chelsea, Newcastle, and Manchester United—who are trying to qualify for a European tournament. It’s uncertain whether Erik ten Hag, Eddie Howe, and Mauricio Pochettino will hold their current positions at season’s end.

The fact that Luton is the third-relegated team and will return to the second-tier Championship is almost a given. The three promoted teams—Sheffield United, Burnley, and Luton—will have only survived one season in the league if they can maintain this trend and knock fourth-place Nottingham Forest out of the standings.

But the main race will be the focus of most attention. Although it was tight, it may not have been as engaging as it could have been. That’s because City, under the direction of Pep Guardiola, is a trophy-hoarding machine, and they have a history of capping seasons with lengthy winning streaks that ease the anxiety that might normally accompany run-ins.

After defeating Tottenham Hotspur 2-0 on Tuesday, City now leads Arsenal by two points and can win four straight titles with a victory over West Ham United. This achievement hasn’t been done in England’s top division since league play started in the birthplace of the sport in 1888.

The future of City is also somewhat uncertain because a sports tribunal has scheduled a hearing date, which is believed to be close to the end of 2024, to hear charges against the Abu Dhabi-owned team for approximately 80 alleged violations of the Premier League’s financial regulations and an additional 30 related to City’s alleged refusal to assist with an investigation. A guilty verdict may result in expulsion from the top level among other consequences.

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While some find this to be a hindrance to City’s achievements, few can dispute Guardiola’s brilliance. The team is aiming to win the league at Etihad Stadium for the sixth time in eight years. Arsenal, who hasn’t won a league championship since the 2004 “Invincibles,” can steal the trophy if City loses to West Ham. They can accomplish this by defeating Everton at home.

Man City and Klopp’s Farewell: A Premier League 2023-24 Finale Full of Drama

Should City draw and Arsenal triumph, the teams would end even on 89 points, with Arsenal leading on goal differential. However, Arsenal supporters might not want to get too enthused. Playing in its final game under departing manager David Moyes, West Ham has given up five goals in each of its past two away games, while City has won 34 straight games without a loss in any competition since December 6.

Jurgen Klopp’s Farewell

Even though Klopp won’t be leaving with a second Premier League crown, Liverpool’s fans will undoubtedly give the manager a suitable sendoff for not only leading the team to eight championships but also helping it restore its luster on the European arena. In addition to creating a bond with the port city, he has also become well-known.

One way Liverpool’s players may express their gratitude to their manager—who will undoubtedly give The Kop one last round of fist pumps following the match—would be to pile up the goals against Wolverhampton Wanderers.

European Qualification

Even though City, Arsenal, Liverpool, and Aston Villa have been confirmed as the four Champions League qualifiers, there are still several unanswered questions over who advances to the minor European championships. To secure fifth place and a Europa League berth, Tottenham must secure a point against Sheffield United, who are currently in last position.

Three points separate sixth-place Chelsea (60), seventh-place Newcastle (57), and eighth-place Man United (57) going into their respective games against Bournemouth, Brentford, and Brighton. Seventh place will probably earn a position in the Europa Conference League, while sixth place finisher will probably advance into the Europa League.

When Man United plays Man City in the FA Cup final on May 25, it will have another chance to qualify for Europe.


Luton’s equation is as straightforward as it is unlikely: it must defeat Fulham at home and hope that Forest loses at Burnley, who have already been demoted. Furthermore, there needs to be a 12-goal differential between Luton and Forest.

After losing at West Ham last week, Luton’s players and manager Rob Edwards already seemed to be accepting of their fate.

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