New Zealand’s Kane Williamson Highlights Afghanistan’s Strong Bowling Attack in T20 World Cup 2024

New Zealand’s T20 World Cup 2024 campaign kicks off against Afghanistan in Providence on Friday night. Captain Kane Williamson recognizes the formidable challenge posed by Afghanistan, highlighting their impressive bowling attack and overall skill.

According to Williamson, Afghanistan has one of the better bowling assaults in the World Cup and is improving with more experience at the highest level.

New Zealand’s Kane Williamson Highlights Afghanistan’s Strong Bowling Attack in T20 World Cup 2024
Kane Williamson believes that a World Cup with 20 participants will provide more teams with good exposure. • AFP/Getty Images

“And we’ve observed that the participation and quantity of Afghani players in franchise competitions. And they’re only becoming better,” Williamson remarked. “They’re seeing an increasing amount of elite cricket. Additionally, we witnessed their strength in the ODI format during the most recent World Cup. Thus, several threats and a very talented squad.”

Rashid Khan, their star legspinner, is one of those threats. Williamson has played alongside Khan in the IPL before, first for the Sunrisers Hyderabad and later for the Gujarat Titans.

“Obviously, Rashid’s been around for a while now, although still a young man, but an extremely gifted world-class player,” Williamson stated. “But there are a number of other players in their side throughout, really, that make them an exciting team and a real challenge.”

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Williamson entered the World Cup riding high from the Indian Premier League, much like a few of his teammates. However, in a season that saw the Titans miss out on the playoffs for the first time in three years, the skipper of New Zealand’s Twenty20 team featured in just two games.

Yes. It’s simply the way the beast is, you know? I’ve participated in a couple IPLs now, and I fluctuate between playing more and less,” Williamson stated. And a big part of that is the balance of foreign players. Therefore, in my opinion, it’s just a matter of trying to support the team as much as I can while also devoting a significant amount of time to other aspects of your game and the fitness aspect of things.

However, you know, it might be challenging to get those opportunities when you are frequently on the road performing. On the other hand, the World Cup in cricket is approaching. Hence, you should strive to dedicate time to improving your game because there are a lot of opportunities there.

“Obviously, having that reference point when you play and then train is good, as does playing. However, it was my experience, Williamson stated. And although some parts of it were delightful, others were just a necessary part of what transpired. However, that was enjoyable. Williamson applauded the World Cup’s decision to include 20 teams as well.

It’s an amazing thing. When I initially started out, I played in World Cups, which were bigger competitions, you know, and that kind of exposure is only good for all teams,” the player remarked. “And then you come to tournament time and anything can happen, which is the beauty of the sport, but ultimately great for the growth.”

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