AIFF Updates 2024: Igor Stimac’s Future as India’s Head Coach Amidst Loss to Afghanistan

AIFF Updates: Recent developments suggest that Igor Stimac, the head coach of India’s national men’s football team, is likely to retain his position despite the shocking defeat to Afghanistan.

The All India Football Federation (AIFF) is considering the recommendation of its technical committee to remove Stimac; however, contractual complexities may pose challenges in this decision-making process.

AIFF Updates 2024: Igor Stimac’s Future as India’s Head Coach Amidst Loss to Afghanistan

The AIFF is inclined to maintain Stimac as the head coach for the upcoming World Cup qualifiers round 2 match against Kuwait on June 6 in Kolkata. This decision stems from various factors, including contractual obligations and the timing of the next match. Changing the head coach at this juncture may not be strategically favorable, as per AIFF insiders.

India’s performance in the upcoming match against Kuwait holds significant importance, as it impacts their chances of advancing to World Cup qualifiers round 3, a milestone the team is striving to achieve for the first time. Following this match, India is set to face reigning Asian champions Qatar on June 11 in an away game.

Despite the technical committee’s concerns regarding Stimac’s continuation as head coach after the recent defeat to Afghanistan, his contract extension in October 2023 until June 2026 complicates matters for the AIFF. Unlike the initial contract, the latest agreement lacks a severance clause, making it financially challenging for the federation to dismiss Stimac without substantial compensation.

Stimac’s current salary stands at USD 30,000 per month, with reimbursement from the Sports Authority of India covering nearly half of this amount. However, the absence of a severance clause means that terminating Stimac’s contract prematurely could lead to significant financial implications for the AIFF.

In addition to contractual issues, the AIFF is also addressing Stimac’s post-match comments and has formed a committee to discuss these matters with him. This committee comprises key figures from the AIFF’s leadership and technical teams, indicating a comprehensive review of Stimac’s tenure and future with the national team.

Stimac’s statement regarding his potential resignation if India fails to progress to World Cup qualifiers round 3 in June adds further intrigue to the situation, reflecting the high stakes involved in the team’s upcoming matches and its broader implications for Indian football.

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