AUS VS NZ: Tim Southee Acknowledges Challenge Amidst 100th Test Milestone

AUS VS NZ: Tim Southee, New Zealand’s seasoned bowler, finds himself in a reflective mood as he approaches his 100th Test alongside Kane Williamson.

There is some pressure on the New Zealand captain ahead of the season’s final Test matchup with Australia.

AUS VS NZ: Tim Southee Acknowledges Challenge Amidst 100th Test Milestone

On Wednesday, Tim Southee cut a lone figure out in the center of Hagley Oval. It is not often that there is nobody on the field in the middle of the afternoon, two days after a Test match.

However, Southee was playing shuttles by himself on the lush outfield while the players from New Zealand practiced in the nets out back and the ground crew had vanished to take care of other concerns.

As they play their 100th Test match together, Southee and teammate Kane Williamson are celebrating throughout this week. However, Southee doesn’t feel quite as jubilant as Williamson does. It could have been relieving to spend some time alone himself thinking, but it could have also been agonizing.

With a 1-0 deficit in the two-Test series, New Zealand is under pressure, and Southee is at the heart of it. Although his criticism of Southee and the team has not been as harsh or pointed as some in the media have thought, former New Zealand captain Ross Taylor has occasionally spoken his opinions.

But there’s no need to tell Southee. He isn’t hiding from the fact that he is aware of his recent Test record. “You always want to be performing at your best and I think there’s no hiding from the fact that the currency we deal in as a bowler is wickets, and the last three Test matches I haven’t got the wickets I would have liked,” Southee stated on Thursday.

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“I continue to think there must be more to it. Within that, there are roles as well. As the most seasoned bowler on the team, I have most likely not performed to my full potential. You try to improve every week, though, just like everyone else. You make an effort to present yourself in the best possible light every week. To give yourself the best opportunity, you should prepare as much as you can, and during the past few days, that has been the case. I accomplished that.

“However, the fact that the last several Test matches have been disappointing cannot be ignored. I am aware of that. Always, I would prefer more wickets. And maybe more will follow.”

AUS VS NZ: Tim Southee Acknowledges Challenge Amidst 100th Test Milestone

On Wednesday, Southee chose not to bowl in the nets. He worked alone on a practice field in the center prior to his solo running session, all under the careful eye of interim bowling coach Kyle Mills. The two had previously had a coffee date in Wellington on Monday.

Regarding his recent bowling attempts, Southee was realistic but acknowledged that he and Mills had found a few areas in which they needed to improve.
“At times, I’ve felt alright,” Southee admitted. “You may feel terrific at times, but you may not get the wickets. At times, you may feel down and end up taking a few wickets. Thus, I believe you just need to have faith in your abilities. having faith in your work.

“I’ve put in a lot of effort working with Kyle Mills on a few projects over the past several days. Hence, it would be fantastic to end the season strongly. Just a few small items that we have been examining over the past few days.

“You don’t always get the wickets you feel like you should but hopefully I can contribute to what should be a good week.”
This week, Southee makes history as the first bowler to play 100 international matches in each format. It is an amazing accomplishment. He has demonstrated an amazing capacity for adaptation and perseverance during his 16 years at the top of the game. He said that his jogging workout on Wednesday demonstrated his continued willingness to grow.

Southee stated, “I don’t think anyone is getting any younger.” “Yet the motivation to practice and put in a lot of effort outside of the game remains.” I still find it really honorable to represent our nation and perform what we do.

“Even now, I still look forward to getting up every morning and performing for the audience and making people proud.” Thus, as long as that is the case and you are able to adhere to those requirements, then…”

However, he was interrupted midsentence by another inquiry concerning Wagner’s retirement. Maybe it was a message from the cosmos to him. It might be gasoline to fan a flame within that has been reduced to embers in recent weeks.

Despite everything he has put into the game, Southee is not under the impression that it owes him anything. He and New Zealand will be hoping that this week he doesn’t play a lonesome figure in the field.

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