Gary Kirsten Criticizes Pakistan’s Poor Decision-making: India vs Pakistan T20 World Cup 2024

Coach Gary Kirsten attributes the loss to “poor decision-making” despite having control of the game over India for a significant duration.

Although Pakistan’s coach Gary Kirsten blamed the team’s loss on making poor decisions after they had “the game for 35 of 40 overs,” India’s bowling unit was praised by Jasprit Bumrah for their composure despite the favorable batting conditions.

Gary Kirsten Criticizes Pakistan’s Poor Decision-making: India vs Pakistan T20 World Cup 2024
Following a close loss, a distraught Naseem Shah leaves with Shaheen Afridi. Associated Press

“It’s definitely a disappointing loss,” Kirsten remarked. “I anticipated that 120 would be a difficult aim. India was never going to have an easy time with only 120. But I believe that with six or seven overs remaining, the score was 72 for 2. It is disappointing that we were unable to move past the situation we found ourselves in.”

Where the game went missing from their hands was questioned of Kirsten. “Decision-making,” said. “Perhaps not the best decisions were made. The game is on, you need to make a decision since you have eight wickets remaining and need to run a ball. That’s how the game works. You have international cricket, that’s it. When you commit errors like that, you will pay the price. We made some bad choices, in my opinion, throughout crucial parts of the game. Rizwan performed well for us, in my opinion. We were aware that the wicket would be difficult to bat on. We did a great job managing the chase, but we ultimately let it get away.”

When Mohammad Rizwan attempted to slog the opening ball of a fresh Bumrah stint, he collapsed and ended up with 31 off 44. Bumrah went on to win two matches in a row as Player of the Match.

“The biggest positive for us was the calmness because when we were batting in the morning, there was a lot more help,” Bumrah stated. “And the clouds parted as soon as we began bowling, the ball ceased seaming, and there was little lateral movement. Consequently, we needed to be more accurate and consistent, and as a team, we were cool under pressure and knew exactly what we wanted to accomplish. We are therefore thrilled that we were able to work together as a team, generate that pressure, and ultimately secure the victory.”

Bumrah claimed that it helps him to bowl without emotion.

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“I was trying to focus on what is the best option over here on a wicket like this,” he stated. “How can I make it harder to make shots? Which options work best for me? In this way, I make an effort to pay attention to what I need to do and to be in the now. Things don’t really work for me when I look at the outside noise or at other people and pressure or emotion takes over. I was attempting to accomplish that, to build my own bubble, to concentrate on it, and to present myself in the best possible light.”

Kirsten is aware that Pakistan’s prospects of qualifying for the Super 8s now depend on the performance of other teams, but he also understands that Pakistan must significantly improve in order to even be able to rely on other teams to help them through.

Kirsten stated, “On that wicket, it wasn’t a small total.” “The sum was respectable. That was known to us. However, there is still hope for us in this competition. We continue to have hope that circumstances will work in our favor. It goes without saying that we need to play cricket much better than we currently do. All we have to do is use our combined abilities as bowlers and hitters. For 35 of the 40 overs, we were in that game. We completed all necessary tasks and played excellent cricket.”

According to Kirsten, he required some time to start bringing out the best in the players. “We are all accountable,” he declared. “Because the team has not performed properly, we accept the loss and the criticism. And we’ll make every effort to make things right. Since I’ve only been here for 12 days, I’m still learning about the guys that will help Pakistan win games, which is what you’re looking for.”

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