India’s T20 World Cup Victory: Rahul Dravid and Players Reflects on Team’s Resilience

India’s T20 World Cup Victory over South Africa: Following their exciting victory over South Africa in the T20 World Cup 2024 final in Barbados, India’s departing head coach, Rahul Dravid, praised his team’s perseverance.

After an 11-year ICC trophy drought, India’s victory confirmed Dravid’s faith in the team’s ability to achieve long-term success.

India’s T20 World Cup Victory: Rahul Dravid and Players Reflects on Team’s Resilience
Following India's victory in the T20 World Cup, retiring coach Rahul Dravid gave a thumbs-up. Photo Credit: Getty Images

After the match, Dravid remarked, “We have fantastic talent in Indian cricket right now.” “The athletes’ enthusiasm and self-assurance are extraordinary. We had set our sights on an ICC trophy for quite some time, and I have no doubt that the squad will maintain this momentum and win numerous trophies over the next four, five, or six years because they are a talented and capable group.

“There was a time when we thought we were playing excellent cricket and working extremely hard, but we were unable to get over that obstacle. However, after today, I have a lot of hope that these youngsters will continue to succeed and bring home more prizes.”

In November 2021, Ravi Shastri was replaced by Dravid. His two-year starting mandate was then extended till the T20 World Cup of 2024. India advanced to the World Test Championship and ODI World Cup finals under his leadership last year, but they were unable to win the trophy. The last ICC championship they had won before Saturday was the Champions Trophy in 2013.

Speaking to a question concerning India’s T20 World Cup preparations, Dravid stated, “To be honest, this is a two-year process. This is a journey that extends beyond the T20 World Cup. The conversations that began in September [November] 2021 come to me when I consider how this team was put together, the players we desired, and the skills we were looking for.

That means two years of labor. This goes beyond the World Cup alone. This World Cup, in my opinion, marked its climax. There is so much that has gone into the disappointment in Australia [during the 2022 T20 World Cup] and the subsequent one-day World Cup. This seems like it would take two years to complete, not only one month. It seems as though everything we have attempted to construct and produce has come together here on this lovely Barbados afternoon.”

During the championship game, Dravid praised his guys for their tenacity. With six wickets remaining, South Africa needed just thirty runs in as many deliveries at one stage, but India maintained their pressure and won by a small margin.

“I’m not usually short of words but I have felt really short of words over the last few hours,” he stated. “I am incredibly proud of this team,” the author said. I believe that the manner we’ve had to battle through trying times and even now is a huge credit to our team’s ability to fight. To be in the kind of situation we were in with 30 balls remaining, after losing three wickets in the first six [overs]. However, the lads persisted in their struggle and their faith, and I think it speaks much about them.

“As a member of the coaching staff, I’m incredibly appreciative that they performed well under duress so that we could enjoy these moments. Being a part of a dressing room like this is lovely, and I believe it will always be a remember for me. I therefore want to express my gratitude to the team and all of the support workers for making this possible.”

Dravid never took home a World Cup as a player. India was eliminated in the first round of the 2007 ODI World Cup while he was captain. Although the West Indies hosted that competition as well, Dravid does not view his most recent triumph as atonement.

“Redeeming yourself is not possible. I’m not one of those individuals that considers atonement or similar ideas. I was not fortunate enough to take home a prize as a player. However, I gave it my all every time I played, and sometimes that’s just not meant to be; that’s just part of the sport. I know a lot of other athletes who have failed to bring home a trophy. It was a blessing that I was offered the chance to lead a team, and it was a blessing that these boys made it possible for me to take home this trophy.

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India’s T20 World Cup Victory: Rahul Dravid and Players Reflects on Team’s Resilience
Rahul Dravid bids adieu like a champion. Photo Credit: Getty Images

“It’s a pleasant sensation, but I don’t really want to be saved. It was just a job I had to do. I’ve enjoyed working here. Working with Rohit [Sharma] and this team has been a pleasure. I’ve had a terrific time on this adventure.”

Dravid informed the BCCI earlier this year that he would not be pursuing another tenure. That implies he is not seeking to leave “any legacy” behind as he closes up his coaching career on a positive note.

“I just feel glad that we gave it the best we could and it’s not just me,” he stated. “I believe I should give the support workers I’ve worked with a sincere thank you. I consider myself fortunate to have collaborated with incredibly diligent professionals, a knowledgeable group of trainers, and additional support personnel who have enabled us to establish an amazing atmosphere under Rohit’s direction. I’m happy that some good fortune led to the achievement of this prize.”

“I will miss him as a person,” Dravid said in response to the question of what he would miss most about Rohit. Put aside the cricket and the captaincy and all of that; what has truly impressed me is the kind of guy he is, the respect he has shown me, the care and dedication he has shown the team, the amount of energy he has had to expend, and the fact that he has never wavered from it.

That person is the one I will remember the most, in my opinion. He will score runs and win trophies, be a fantastic player, and captain, but I think what will make me love him the most about him is who he is as a person.”

Since both Rohit and Virat Kohli have declared their retirements from the format, India would be without both players going forward in Twenty20 Internationals. Roger Binny, president of BCCI, estimates that it will take the team “two to three years” to fill that hole.

After the final, Binny remarked, “A lot of cricketers are coming through the IPL but it is going to take some time to bridge the gap.” “They have made a huge contribution. It will require some time. We’ll most likely witness the squad regaining its form without them during the next two to three years.”

The BCCI has begun looking for a new coach, and Gautam Gambhir is at the top of their list. However, Binny did not reveal a much about it.

“As of yet, nothing solid has arrived. Gautam Gambhir possesses a wealth of expertise. He has experience working in groups. He participated in Tests, ODIs, and T20s. See you later.”

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