Inter Miami vs Real Salt Lake 2-0: Messi’s Impact Evident in Win

Inter Miami and Real Salt Lake: In an exciting clash, Lionel Messi showcased his prowess on the field, leaving fans in awe despite not finding the back of the net himself
Inter Miami vs Real Salt Lake 2-0: Messi’s Impact Evident in Win

Lionel Messi almost had the game-winning goal in Inter Miami’s opening victory as he deceived and tricked two defenders into going in a different route.

After the goalie deflected Messi’s effort, he turned to face the supporters in the stands, clearly frustrated that he had not been able to score on his MLS season debut.

It made no difference. In the first half, he finished his duties early. At halftime, on his way to the locker room, he gave Will Smith a hug. Additionally, he kept Inter Miami moving at a fast clip while they patiently awaited the second-half goal that would decide the match.

In Wednesday night’s MLS season opener at Chase Stadium, Inter Miami defeated Real Salt Lake 2-0 thanks to Messi’s assists on Robert Taylor’s first goal of the game in the 39th and Diego Gomez’s second goal in the 83rd.
Now that MLS’s second season has begun, Messi—arguably the finest player in the world—looks to be playing at his best.

He’s dribbling between defenders while sprinting quickly. Even once, he dribbled over RSL’s Andrew Brody, who was lying on the field with an injury, before another defender blocked his effort at a shot.

That’s really great, huh? Real Salt Lake midfielder Diego Luna said of Messi, “Just playing him, seeing him on the field, and going against him is definitely something cool.” “But in the game, he’s just another player, and your job is to play him well and defend him as best you can.”

Inter Miami vs Real Salt Lake 2-0: Messi’s Impact Evident in Win

Messi On Target As Always

Messi had three shots on target in the match, while his longtime Barcelona running-mate Luis Suarez had two of his own. They were unable to score. But both had timely passes to set up Gomez’s goal, which put the match out of reach for Inter Miami.

Messi sent the ball to Suarez, who provided the assist, after he had dribbled it from center field to the penalty arc. And Gomez delivered at the CONMEBOL Pre-Olympic Tournament last month, scoring five goals in seven games.

“There are still many things to work on, but for now, let’s celebrate our win,” Gomez added, dedicating the goal to his mother, who was there.

Messi’s first attempt was as absurd; following a yellow card, he was awarded a free kick. Defensive players loaded the box, and one RSL player was in his way, blocking his path to the corner of the net where he usually manages to squeeze the ball. It was a sneak peek at how other teams would stop Messi when he has goal-scoring opportunities.
Nevertheless, Messi tried hard to engage others, like Taylor, who benefited from a goal in the first half.

“I’ll attempt to create space and make runs for Leo whenever he has the ball. It’s also good that he chose to support me this time,” Taylor added.

Regarding Suarez, it seemed that he was having difficulty at times when Inter Miami was playing defense around midfield. Suarez, though, managed to maintain as much of a tempo as Messi started to surge upfield as soon as possession shifted.

This season, Inter Miami wants to win the MLS Cup, the Champions Cup, the Leagues Cup, and the U.S. Open Cup.

They will celebrate their season’s first victory for the time being.
On Sunday, Inter Miami will play their second game away from home against L.A. Galaxy.
Following his debut with Inter Miami, Suarez said to Apple TV, “I’m so happy because it’s the first game winning at home,” alongside former Barcelona teammates Messi, Sergio Busquets, and Jordi Alba.

“Both inside and outside the pitch, we are buddies. We work hard to support the group and hope to see Inter Miami succeed this season.

Gomez Scores

The sequence was set by Lionel Messi. Luis Suarez provided the help. And in the 83rd minute, Diego Gomez scored to put an end to the series.

Gomez, Suarez, and Messi embrace after the scene as fireworks burst at Chase Stadium, giving Inter Miami a 2-0 lead.
Yes, Inter Miami was already ahead in the game. However, the intervals in between goals and the difficulties they encountered before finding the back of the net once more.


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