John Blain Calls for Cricket Scotland Inquiry After Racism Allegations Cleared: A Shocking Cricket Scandal 2024

John Blain, a former Scotland and Yorkshire fast bowler, is calling for a comprehensive and transparent investigation into Cricket Scotland.

This comes after he was cleared of allegations of racist behavior in January, a verdict that Cricket Scotland and sportscotland did not make public.

John Blain Calls for Cricket Scotland Inquiry After Racism Allegations Cleared: A Shocking Cricket Scandal 2024
When John Blain was a player at the 2007 World Cup • Getty Images

Blain, who played 118 matches for Scotland, was accused by former teammates Majid Haq and Qasim Sheikh of using a racial slur during a 2007 tour of Kenya. As a result, Blain was suspended from Cricket Scotland’s Hall of Fame.

The accusations were part of several referrals following a 2022 independent review that found Cricket Scotland institutionally racist, leading to the board’s resignation. However, a joint investigation by two law firms and Sporting Equals, a race inclusion charity, found the claims against Blain to be unfounded.

Investigation Findings

On January 12, the interim Cricket Scotland CEO Pete Fitzboydon informed Blain that the allegations were “unfounded,” and no further action would be taken. Blain was initially asked to keep the judgment confidential to allow the board to communicate the news to the complainants.

Now, after what Blain describes as “five months of delay and prevarication,” he has publicly criticized the process and his accusers. He described the handling of the report by sportscotland and Cricket Scotland as a “kangaroo court.”

Blain’s Public Statement

Blain expressed his frustration on X/Twitter, accusing Cricket Scotland of avoiding the publication of the judgment to appease a small “anti-racist” group exerting influence over the sport. He stressed the prolonged impact on his life and called for the truth to be revealed.

Blain questioned the legitimacy of the accusations from Majid and Qasim, noting that both had sought his support in their careers long after the alleged incident. He pointed out that Majid had tried to recruit him to his club, Clydesdale, and had recommended him to Asian players for coaching. Similarly, Qasim had sought Blain’s help in regaining his Scotland place in 2014.

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Implications for ECB Sanction

Blain also highlighted that the Scottish inquiry’s findings undermine his ECB sanction—a reprimand and £2500 fine imposed by the Cricket Discipline Commission in May 2023. The ECB’s decision was influenced by Azeem Rafiq’s testimony, which included Majid’s allegation. Blain refused to participate in what he deemed a flawed process.

Michael Vaughan, the only former player to attend the CDC hearings, was cleared of making a racist remark. Blain emphasized that the same allegation from Majid used by the ECB was found baseless in the Scottish investigation.

An ECB spokesperson maintained that the CDC process was thorough and that Blain had ample opportunity to defend himself but chose not to appear in person.

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