La Liga Academy Schools’ Expansion Reaches Kolkata Through Bhawanipore FC With 25 Boys Each

La Liga Academy Football Schools, renowned for its presence in over 40 Indian cities, has made its debut in Kolkata through a strategic alliance with Bhawanipore FC.

This collaboration marks a significant step in fostering youth football talent in the region.

La Liga Academy Schools’ Expansion Reaches Kolkata Through Bhawanipore FC With 25 Boys Each

Under this initiative, the La Liga Academy, in conjunction with Bhawanipore FC, is set to kickstart its program by enrolling 25 boys each in the under-13 and under-15 age categories. Aparup Chakraborty, CEO of Bhawanipore FC ProIndia Centre of Excellence, revealed plans to include girls in the training regimen as well, although specific numbers were not disclosed.

The primary objective of this grassroots development initiative is to groom players capable of competing in the I-League second division. This league serves as a crucial pathway for teams aiming for promotion to the prestigious ISL.

Bhawanipore FC’s recruitment strategy extends to scouting talented young players aged between nine and ten from local baby leagues. Additionally, the club plans to launch player development programs across schools in various districts of West Bengal, aiming to identify and nurture promising football prospects.

Srinjoy Bose, owner of Bhawanipore FC, emphasized the club’s ambition to participate in national under-15 and under-17 youth leagues, as well as the nursery league overseen by the Indian Football Association (IFA). These initiatives align with the broader goal of strengthening football infrastructure and talent pool in West Bengal.

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Miguel Casal, Technical Director of La Liga Football Schools India, highlighted the program’s focus on nurturing Indian coaching talent. La Liga’s methodology will be imparted to coaches through training sessions and on-site visits to the training centers.

While the current program operates on a non-residential basis, discussions are underway to explore residential options in collaboration with boarding schools in Kolkata. Furthermore, Bhawanipore FC’s Centre of Excellence will integrate with the Blue Cubs grassroots development project initiated by the All India Football Federation (AIFF), catering to children aged 4-12. The project has also partnered with Step Out Analytics, a football analytics company based in Bengaluru, to enhance its effectiveness and reach.

For football enthusiasts and aspiring young players in Kolkata, this partnership represents an exciting opportunity to receive top-tier training and mentorship under the esteemed La Liga Academy Football Schools framework, paving the way for a brighter future in Indian football.

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