Portugal’s Victory over Turkey as Bernardo Silva Shines in Euro 2024

Portugal defeated Turkey 3-0 to guarantee their place in the Round of 16 at Euro 2024 with goals from Bruno Fernandes, Bernardo Silva, and an own goal.

With their second victory, Portugal’s advancement from Group F is certain.

Portugal’s Victory over Turkey as Bernardo Silva Shines in Euro 2024
Portugal easily defeated Turkey, with Bernardo Silva leading the way. Photo Credit: AP

Look up your personal ambitions on the internet while you’re alone yourself and feeling lonely in life. Goalies will give up goals when attempting a stepover, and at least one will roll in a backpass because the passer did not realize the last guy had advanced. After Portugal’s 3-0 victory over Turkey on Saturday, that will drop to at least two.

Only Turkey supporters would have found it amusing to see Altay Bayindir and Zeki Celik sprinting frantically towards their goal to block Samet Akaydin’s backpass from being accepted. On Saturday, in Dortmund and elsewhere. Because of this, Turkey was behind 0–2 by the 28th minute. Maybe in time, they’ll come to appreciate the irony of the situation as well. Akaydin might not have heard Bayindir move up when the center-back played a no-look ball due to background noise.

Bayindir, one of Vincenzo Montella’s four changes, comes from Manchester United, where first-choice keeper Andre Onana had a run of serious gaffes. Portugal did not require a gift to win the group and go to the round of sixteen; blame it on his lack of games, if you will. It also meant that Joao Cancelo would start to celebrate instead of expressing irritation over a move gone wrong. The smallest change in hand motion could be the difference between pain and bliss. It was Euro 2024’s sixth own goal.

Portugal was well on their way to winning all four of their matches against Turkey in this campaign when Bruno Fernandes made it 3-0 in the 56th. The remarkable aspect of the goal was Ronaldo’s play, not Fernandes’. Cancelo’s ball took a touch, and Ronaldo timed his run to collide with it. He dutifully teed up, and with only Bayindir to beat. squared up to Fernandes after that. It was his seventh helper in the European Cup. Nobody possesses as many.

It implied that he would have to bide his time till he scored his 131st goal for his country. It also meant that, unlike what many people think, Ronaldo prioritizes the team over himself. When Bernardo Silva scored his first goal, Ronaldo did the same thing Neeraj Chopra does after finishing a throw to provide the Portugal midfielder—who was named Player of the Match—a clear shot at goal.

More evidence for the collective’s validity. Not many strikers do that, especially one who netted 44 goals in 45 games for his Saudi Arabian club. However, you don’t anticipate a 39-year-old playing with a teenage’s fervor and drive.

It’s true that he desired the ball and appeared disappointed when Fernandes scored in the 35th minute. In the opening minute, Fernandes did pass, but Ronaldo’s volley was insufficient to test Bayindir. He would occasionally dangle in the air, as Europe has witnessed him do for more than 20 years, but these headers lacked focus.

Ronaldo attempted to bend one in the 36th minute, but it failed. However, the manner he brought the ball down and cushioned it for the shot demonstrated how talented he still is in his sixth European tournament.

As he did against the Czech Republic, Ronaldo played the entire match. He participated in 2649 league games with Al-Nassr. No one played more than Sadio Mane.

Pepe left the game early at 41. Before Antonio Silva, who is less than half his age, took his place on the field for the final 82 minutes, Pepe made clean challenges and stopped everything Turkey had to offer in the way of corner kicks. Portugal has only conceded twice in their qualification for this competition, as demonstrated by the challenge on Orkun Kokcu in the 21st minute. Pepe is competing in his fifth European tournament. As many games as Luka Modric has played. With more plays, only Ronaldo has more.

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Portugal’s Victory over Turkey as Bernardo Silva Shines in Euro 2024
Bruno Fernandes and Cristiano Ronaldo following the latter's setup against Turkey. @Sky Sports

Turkey initially investigated through the right. Portugal saw several difficulties due to Yunis Akgun, but their best chance came in the sixth minute when Celik discovered Kerem Akturkoglu. However, Ruben Dias cleared since Akturkoglu was unable to establish a proper link with Cancelo on him.

Yusuf Yazici tested Diogo Costa after the break, and Kokcu tested him close to halftime. With the score at 0-3, Turkey brought on teenage sensation Arda Guler, who did not make his debut due to injury, but there were no spectacular long-range hits this time.

Turkey, with three points after two games, is in second place in group F. Both teams can advance if they play Czech Republic in the final group game. Portugal doesn’t have to be concerned about it. Not that Georgia would mind, considering that a victory would keep them in the hunt. Before the competition began, Jose Mourinho had declared that even Portugal’s reserve team would be favorites. The reason is clear.

‘Concern’ over Pitch Invasions

Martinez, the head coach of Portugal, claims that the fans who stormed the field during and after the match against Turkey in search of selfies with Ronaldo were fortunate to have “good intentions”.

Fans repeatedly skirted security and intruded onto the playing field in an attempt to snap a photo with the Portugal icon.

After the match, Martinez discussed the circumstances as follows:

“That warrants caution. It is concerning since, fortunately for us today, the fans’ intentions were good. We can all agree that we like a fan who acknowledges a major celebrity or idol in their lives.

“However, you can see that if those intentions are incorrect, there is a very, very difficult moment ahead of us; the players are exposed, so we must exercise caution.” “In my opinion, it shouldn’t take place on a football field. I don’t think that should happen because there is a lot of protection and security in place.

“It’s not the proper manner, and we should probably send a message to the fans. Nothing will come of it, and chances are the measures will only get worse in the long run. Having players so exposed as people are sprinting across the field is not ideal.”

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