How the 6 sixes from Yuvraj Singh inspired Stuart Broad to become a world-class bowler

NEW DELHI 2007: Yuvraj Singh stunned the World

Many former Indian players have stated publicly that Stuart Broad would always be remembered for the six sixes Yuvraj Singh smashed on him during the India vs. England T20 World Cup match in Durban in 2007.
That was undoubtedly a historic occasion. Yuvraj was the first Indian to achieve this feat on a global scale. Confucius, the Chinese philosopher, however, once stated, “Our greatest glory is not in never failing, but in rising every time we fail.”
Life is full of failures, and nobody has ever lived without experiencing one.

 Six sixes from Yuvraj Singh

However, what counts is how you get back up and carry on with your lifelong pursuit of perfection.
Stuart Christopher John Broad was quite good at this. After the beating in Durban, he did not give up. Rather, he went on to become one of England’s all-time best fast bowlers in Test cricket.

Later that evening, during a press conference, Broad was questioned by Yuvraj regarding his development following those six sixes.
In response, Broad stated as follows: “Yeah, that was evidently a fairly difficult day. 21 or 22 is what I would have been. [22] I gained a lot of knowledge. Knowing that I was cut short as an international performer at that precise moment, I essentially built my entire mental routine around that event. I had not done my homework well. I didn’t follow any kind of pre-ball schedule. I wasn’t really focused, and following that event, I began to develop my “warrior mode.”

6 sixes by yuvraj

In the last over of the Indian innings on September 19, 2007, Yuvraj, having had a brief conversation with Andrew Flintoff, went into beast mode and hit Broad six consecutive sixes over the field to reach his fifty off only 12 balls.
“In the end, naturally, I wish that had not occurred. The fact that it was a dead rubber, so it didn’t feel like I’d eliminated us from the World Cup or whatever, is probably what really helped me. However, I believe it strengthened me and helped me advance significantly, making me the competitor I am today,” Broad continued.

In Twenty20 cricket, Yuvraj became the first batsman to hit six sixes, while in senior cricket, he became the fourth. In first-class matches, Garry Sobers and Ravi Shastri accomplished it, as did Herschelle Gibbs during the 2007 ODI World Cup. After India won the World Cup, the MS Dhoni legend was created.

“Obviously, there are enormous highs and lows, and if you look at a someone like Stokesy’s career, he has experienced similar things. Most participants have. In the end, though, I believe it’s about having the ability to move on from bad days and bounce back because, as Broad pointed out, in the past 15, 16 years, there have been a lot more bad days than good in cricket. You have to be able to handle these things in order for your good days to really shine.

How the six sixes from Yuvraj Singh inspired Stuart Broad to become a world-class bowler

After 167 matches, 602 Test wickets—the fifth-highest total of any bowler and four Ashes victories—Broad ends his career as a proven match-winner for England.
During last week’s rain-plagued draw in Manchester, England’s top bowler in the ongoing Ashes series, Stuart Broad, became just the fifth person to collect 600 Test wickets.

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