UEFA Euro Winners List From 1960-2020: A Deep Dive Into the Glorious Event

The UEFA European Championship: A Celebration of European Football

The UEFA European Championship, commonly known as the Euros, is one of the most prestigious tournaments in international football. Organized by the Union of European Football Associations (UEFA), the championship has been held every four years since its inception in 1960. It brings together Europe’s top national teams to compete for the coveted title, showcasing the continent’s rich football heritage and talent.

UEFA Euro Winners List From 1960-2020: A Deep Dive Into the Glorious Event
The defending Champions- Italy. Getty Images

List of UEFA Euro Championship  winners from 1960 to 2020

Soviet Union won the first ever Euro title in 1960 while the current champion is Italy. Spain has most number of titles (3).



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Soviet Union




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West Germany

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West Germany


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Origins and Evolution

The idea of a European football championship was first proposed in the 1920s, but it wasn’t until 1958 that the tournament took shape, thanks to the efforts of UEFA’s first General Secretary, Henri Delaunay. The inaugural tournament in 1960 featured four teams: the Soviet Union, Yugoslavia, Czechoslovakia, and France. Held in France, the Soviet Union emerged as the first champions, defeating Yugoslavia 2-1 in the final.

Initially known as the European Nations’ Cup, the tournament was rebranded as the UEFA European Championship in 1968. Over the years, the competition has grown in size and popularity, expanding from a four-team format to a 24-team extravaganza starting from UEFA Euro 2016. This expansion allowed more nations to participate, enhancing the tournament’s diversity and competitiveness.

Memorable Moments and Champions

The Euros have produced some of football’s most memorable moments and iconic champions. The 1976 tournament is famous for Czechoslovakia’s Antonín Panenka, who introduced the world to the “Panenka” penalty in the final against West Germany. In 1988, the Netherlands’ Marco van Basten scored one of the greatest goals in the history of the competition, a stunning volley in the final against the Soviet Union.

Germany and Spain have been the most successful teams in the tournament’s history, each winning the title three times. Spain’s back-to-back victories in 2008 and 2012, coupled with their 2010 World Cup win, marked a period of dominance in international football. In contrast, Denmark’s triumph in 1992 and Greece’s unexpected victory in 2004 stand out as some of the biggest surprises in the tournament’s history, showcasing the unpredictable nature of football.

The Modern Era

The most recent edition, UEFA Euro 2020, was unique as it was postponed to 2021 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. It was also the first to be hosted across multiple cities in Europe, celebrating the tournament’s 60th anniversary. Italy emerged as the champions, defeating England in a dramatic penalty shootout at Wembley Stadium.

The Euros continue to be a platform for emerging talents and seasoned stars to shine on the international stage. The tournament not only provides thrilling football but also fosters a sense of unity and celebration among the diverse cultures and nations of Europe.

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UEFA Euro Winner 1960: Soviet Union

In 1960, 17 teams participated in the competition’s first iteration, which was known as the UEFA European Nations Cup. The Soviet Union won the title in the Paris final, defeating Yugoslavia 2-1 in extra time.

UEFA Euro Winner 1964: Spain

Spain was the first host country to win the championship in 1964. In the final played at Santiago Bernabeu, home of Real Madrid, the Spanish football team defeated the Soviet Union, the reigning champions, 2-1. The summit tie in Madrid drew 79,115 spectators, making it the most attended UEFA Euro match to date.

UEFA Euro Winners List From 1960-2020: A Deep Dive Into the Glorious Event
Team Spain celebrating the triumph in 1964. Getty Images

UEFA Euro Winner 1968: Italy

In 1968, the competition structure changed to become the UEFA European Championship, and only four teams advanced to the main tournament held in Italy.

Newcomers The European Championship featured two rounds: a semifinal and a final. Former winners Yugoslavia and the Soviet Union competed alongside Italy and England.

After their semi-final match ended 0-0 after extra time, Italy eliminated the Soviet Union by the flip of a coin, and Yugoslavia defeated England 1-0 to get to the final.

The Italy vs Yugoslavia final was a two-leg event; the first leg ended in a 1-1 tie, and the Azzurri narrowly prevailed 1-0 in Rome to claim the title.

UEFA Euro Winner 1972: West Germany

The Soviet Union advanced to their third final in 1972, however they were defeated by West Germany in Brussels, Belgium.

Die Mannschaft, captained by the legendary Germans Herbert Wimmer and Gerd Muller, defeated the Soviets 3-0 to win their first championship.

UEFA Euro Winner 1976: Czechoslovakia

After a span of four years, West Germany nearly successfully defended their European dominance. In a penalty shootout, Czechoslovakia defeated West Germany 5-3 in the Red Star Stadium in Belgrade. A penalty shootout was used in this UEFA Euro final for the first time.

UEFA Euro Winner 1980: West Germany

But it didn’t take the Germans long to reclaim their throne; in the 1980 Euro final, they defeated Belgium 2-1 to win their second championship.

There were roughly 50,000 spectators at the Stadio Olimpico in Rome for the match.

UEFA Euro Winner 1984: France

The host country won the championship in the 1984 UEFA European Championships once more. This time, in a heavyweight match at the Parc des Princes in Paris, France defeated Spain 2-0.

UEFA Euro Winner 1988: Netherlands

The 1988 European Championships were held in Germany, although the Netherlands won hands-down.

Ruud Gullit and Marco van Basten, two well-known personalities in international football, led the Netherlands against the Soviet Union. In the end, the Dutch won 2-0 to claim their maiden continental championship.

UEFA Euro Winners List From 1960-2020: A Deep Dive Into the Glorious Event
Netherlands celebarting the victory in 1988. Getty Images

UEFA Euro Winner 1992: Denmark

In Gothenburg, Sweden, underdogs Denmark defeated three-time world champions Germany 2-0 in the biggest upset of the competition during the 1992 European Championship.

It is important to remember that Denmark joined the tournament only after Yugoslavia was prevented from doing so because of the political unrest that followed the Yugoslav War.

UEFA Euro Winner 1996: Germany

Germany defeated the Czech Republic 2-1 in extra time at the Wembley Stadium in London to win their third Euro championship. There were 73,611 spectators for the final in England.

UEFA Euro Winner 2000: France

France, the world champions going into Euro 2000, demonstrated their mettle once more by defeating Italy at the Feyenoord Stadium in the Netherlands to win their second European championship.

The French football team stormed back to win the championship title in extra time after Italy blew an early lead.

UEFA Euro Winner 2004: Greece

Similar to Denmark in 1992, Greece achieved their first-ever international trophy at Euro 2004 by pulling off a big upset.

Greece rode their luck throughout the competition and defeated Portugal 1-0 in their own stadium in the final, making it to the knockout stages at the expense of Spain based on criteria (goals scored).

Greece won the Euro for the first time in their history thanks to a goal by Angelos Charisteas in the 57th minute at the Estadio da Luz in Lisbon.

UEFA Euro Winner 2008: Spain

In the ensuing years, Spanish football dominated the European stage as the game adopted the now-famous tiki-taka style of play, which mostly relies on short passing and possession.

In Vienna, Austria, Spain defeated Germany 1-0 to win Euro 2008.

UEFA Euro Winner 2012: Spain

In 2012, Spain successfully defended their title. They swept all of their games en route to the championship, capping it off with an incredible 4-0 victory over Italy in the Kyiv final.

UEFA Euro Winner 2016: Portugal

France had great expectations as the competition returned to their nation for the 2016 edition, having won two European championships at home.

Portugal defeated the French football team 1-0 in extra time to win the championship at the Stade de France. Les Bleus performed admirably to get to the final but faltered at the last hurdle. Despite Cristiano Ronaldo, the game’s star, being replaced sooner due to an injury, Portugal prevailed.

UEFA Euro Winner 2020: Italy

Italy‘s remarkable victory over England at Wembley Stadium meant that they experienced continental triumph for the first time since 1968.

Italy emerged victorious in the penalty shootout, thanks to goalie Gianluigi Donnarumma of the Azzurri.


The UEFA European Championship remains a cornerstone of international football, captivating fans with its rich history, unforgettable moments, and the promise of new legends. As the tournament evolves, it continues to reflect the passion and spirit of European football, uniting nations in the beautiful game. The next edition promises to deliver more excitement and drama, further cementing the Euros’ legacy as one of the world’s premier sporting events.

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