Virat Kohli Praises Jasprit Bumrah’s Heroics in T20 World Cup Victory

Virat Kohli acknowledged that there was a moment when it looked like India was losing the game in retrospect on the exciting final against South Africa.

He did, however, laud Jasprit Bumrah for his outstanding effort in the final overs, which shifted the balance of power in favour of India.

Virat Kohli Praises Jasprit Bumrah’s Heroics in T20 World Cup Victory
The Indian players display the T20 World Cup trophy during their open-top bus procession. AFP/Getty Images

Following the open-top bus procession in Mumbai, Kohli remarks, “What we saw on the streets tonight is something I’m never going to forget in my life.”

During the exciting final match on Saturday against South Africa, Virat Kohli thought that India’s T20 World Cup was going to “slip away”. Five days later, he requested to thank Jasprit Bumrah for his “phenomenal” performance that got them back into the final, as thousands of fans celebrated their victory in Mumbai.

“Like everyone in the stadium [here], we also felt at one point if it is going to slip away again, but what happened in those [last] five overs was truly, truly special,” said Kohli on Wednesday night during the team’s celebration at Wankhede Stadium. “I would like everyone to give a round of applause to a person who has kept us in games throughout this tournament. He bowled two of the final five overs, which was an incredible feat in the final five overs. Give Jasprit Bumrah a hearty round of applause, please.”

After smashing 38 runs in the previous two overs, South Africa needed 30 runs off 30 balls as Bumrah returned for his third over. As India pulled off an amazing robbery, he went on to give up just four runs off the 16th over and two off the 18th, including hitting Marco Jansen.

As India’s bus passed by on its route to the Wankhede, hundreds of people were lined Marine Drive in Mumbai to celebrate the country’s first World Cup victory in thirteen years. Hours before the team arrived, the stadium was likewise packed, with spectators enduring the rain.

Kohli declared that he and the Indian squad would “never forget” the welcome they received. “A big thank you to all the people who turned up in the stadium,” he stated. “I will always remember what we witnessed on the streets this evening.

“The past four days have been an exhilarating experience. We were eager to leave Barbados, return to India, and celebrate our World Cup victory with everyone. It was anticlimactic because we got caught in the hurricane. But ever since we returned, everything has been amazing.

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Virat Kohli Praises Jasprit Bumrah’s Heroics in T20 World Cup Victory
Fans extending beyond visual reach: Before the Indian team arrived, Marine Drive was completely packed. AFP/Getty Images

Rohit Sharma was perhaps the most passionate player that Kohli had ever seen following India’s triumph in Bridgetown. Pictures of the two embracing as they ascended the Kensington Oval dressing room stairs went viral on social media.

“I don’t know about breaking the internet, but for the first time in 15 years of playing together, I saw Rohit show so much emotion on the field,” Kohli stated. “I held him and we both started crying as I ascended the stairs. That will always hold a very important place in my heart from that day.”

India’s lengthy wait for a world title has come to an end, and Rohit expressed his relief. It means the world to us that this nation will host the World Cup. This is dedicated to the fans that follow and support the game; they share our desire, along with all of us, for this trophy to return for the past eleven years. It’s here at last, and I couldn’t be happier or more relieved.”

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