WWE Money in the Bank 2024: Event Recap and Match Results

Explore every amazing moment from WWE Money in the Bank 2024, including the crowning of champions and shocking revelations. Continue reading for a thorough analysis of the main games and results:
WWE Money in the Bank 2024: Event Recap and Match Results
Tiffany Stratton won the Women Money in the Bank Ladder Match 2024. Photo Credit: WWE

Drew McIntyre won Money in the Bank 2024 Ladder Match

Having won a championship bout that was assured by defeating five previous Superstars, Drew McIntyre is Mr. Money in the Bank. As the fight got underway, all the Superstars scurried around, searching for ladders and each other. Andrade struck Chad Gable with a leg drop off a ladder, dealing the first significant strike.

Melo Hayes proved he didn’t miss with a springboard clothesline onto Andrade, but El Idolo countered with an inverted Spanish fly onto a ladder.

With the YEETs and YEAHs accompanying every blow, Jey Uso and LA Knight found themselves at the top of a staircase, but neither Superstar was able to unlatch the suitcase.

Hayes appeared to be winning after hitting a Nothing But Net, but Andrade and Knight followed him up the ladder and Andrade hit him with a breathtaking sunset flip powerbomb via a ladder.

Uso moved the ladder and left the former Alpha Academy commander hanging precariously over the ring, but not before Gable grabbed the briefcase. Gable faceplanted a few seconds later and caught Uso’s ferocious Spear.

Uso had his hands on the briefcase when McIntyre sent him falling to the canvas using a ladder like a javelin. McIntyre then used one Claymore to climb the ladder and take on the persona of Mr. Money in the Bank.

Even though Sami Zayn is still the Intercontinental Champion, it required an incredible effort on the part of the native Canadian to defeat his own nation.

Bron Breakker’s conceit was equally evident as his extraordinary athleticism. He made fun of the winner with each move he made, even pausing to perform pushups in the center of the ring.

Zayn eventually had momentum, but he was met with a devastating Spear outside. Nevertheless, he recovered and, moments later, almost won the bout with a Blue Thunder Bomb.

Once again, the challenger’s incredible Frankensteiner turned the tables, as The Badass propelled himself off the apron and smacked the champion with a flying clothesline that landed on the announce table.

Zayn was almost eliminated by Breakker’s Gorilla Press Slam, but a perfectly timed Helluva Kick put out the challenger’s lights and kept the Canadian Superstar as the Intercontinental Champion.

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Triple Threat Match: Seth “Freakin” Rollins and Drew McIntyre lose against World Heavyweight Champion Damian Priest

With amazing style, Damian Priest held onto the World Heavyweight Championship by defeating Seth “Freakin” Rollins and Drew McIntyre, dubbed “Mr. Money in the Bank.”

WWE Money in the Bank 2024: Event Recap and Match Results
Damian Priest rejoices after the victory. Photo Credit: WWE

While Priest and Rollins were destroying each other in the ring, both Superstars were constantly watching to see whether McIntyre would try to cash in on his Money in the Bank contract.

After countering the champion and landing a stomp, Rollins almost won the bout, but the challenger was blasted with a Razor’s Edge that rocked the ring after berating Priest.

McIntyre really cashed in his Money in the Bank contract to make it a Triple Threat Match following a Superplex/Falcon Arrow combo from Rollins, but CM Punk showed up and assaulted McIntyre with a steel chair.

After McIntyre was forced back into the ring by Punk, who drilled him with the belt, Priest scored a three-count by hitting him with a South of Heaven Chokeslam. For as long as Priest retains the World Heavyweight Title, Rollins is not eligible to contend for it, and the champion is not required to depart The Judgment Day.

The Money in the Bank Women Ladder Match was won by Tiffany Stratton

Now that Tiffany Stratton emerged victorious in the Bank Ladder Match, it’s official: it’s “Tiffy Time.” Chelsea Green, a native of Canada, attempted a creative method of getting the briefcase down by jabbing it with a ladder, but sadly, it was unsuccessful.

IYO SKY and Lyra Valkyria got into a close fight right away, with Valkyria landing a devastating fisherman suplex onto a ladder. Naomi entered the fight with a split-legged moonsault onto a ladder of her own, but Zoey Stark dispatched Valkyria with a vicious splash onto a ladder.

Stratton used her gymnastics experience to walk on the ladder like a balance beam with SKY pinned in the corner. She then unleashed a Swanton Bomb on the other four Superstars outside.

Naomi tried to ascend two ladders, but Stark and Stratton pulled her apart. That didn’t stop The Glow, though, as she executed a split and a fantastic DDT on Stark. After all the Superstars entered the ring without Naomi, mayhem broke out, and Valkyria was thrown from one ladder into another.

The Genius of the Sky knocked her opponent off the ladder and planted her with a powerslam on another ladder after SKY and Stark discovered the largest ladder imaginable.

Green swiftly worked her way up the rungs and was almost the winner of the match, but Stratton pushed the ladder to send her flying over the top rope and over two tables outside, making her the official Ms. Money in the Bank.

In a six-man tag match, The Bloodline defeated Cody Rhodes, Randy Orton, and Kevin Owens

The Bloodline, led by the recently appointed Tribal Chief Solo Sikoa, made their largest impression to date by winning a Six-Man Tag Match against Undisputed WWE Champion Cody Rhodes, Randy Orton, and Kevin Owens.

Beginning the bout, Rhodes and Owens took the action all the way to Tama Tonga. When Jacob Fatu entered the fight, Orton’s second-rope DDT barely phased him as The Enforcer wrecked havoc on The Viper. The fight quickly transformed.

Orton tagged in Owens after The Bloodline had thoroughly dismantled him, and KO cleaned house until Fatu leveled the score and gave his side the momentum once more. As Owens and Fatu alternated hip strikes in the corner, Sikoa dismantled him.

Following an enormous amount of punishment, Rhodes destroyed every member of The Bloodline with two outside dives, and Owens brought in The American Nightmare.

After the official was eliminated as collateral damage, Rhodes, Orton, and Owens continued the fight, hitting Frog Splash, Cross Rhodes, and RKOs before Owens crushed Fatu through the announce table.

After Orton used RKOs to thoroughly destroy Tonga and Tonga Loa, Fatu returned to the fight and eliminated Rhodes, setting the stage for Sikoa to pin the Undisputed WWE Champion with a Samoan Spike, establishing The Bloodline as the organization’s biggest threat.

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