Can Arsenal Win EPL 2024? Analyzing Mikel Arteta’s Strategy and Lessons Learned

Arsenal’s prospects for winning the English Premier League (EPL) in 2024 are promising, yet questions loom about Mikel Arteta’s ability to navigate challenges and avoid a repeat of the 2023 season’s collapse against Manchester City and Liverpool.
Can Arsenal Win EPL 2024? Analyzing Mikel Arteta’s Strategy and Lessons Learned

Arsenal was a lock to win the English Premier League the previous year. Nevertheless, it collapsed in the final few games of the season, losing just two of the previous nine games due to pressure from Manchester City. Will this year’s placement have the same outcome as last year’s? Has Mikel Arteta, the manager, taken any lessons from 2023? Has the group grown stronger? Is Arsenal truly winning at this point? Or will Liverpool or City steal the show once more?

All Arsenal needs to do is win all seven games given that it leads the table by a significant goal differential. Easy math, right? Not really. Compared to Liverpool or Manchester City, its opponents at the end of the season are far more formidable.

What is working for Arsenal is that Manchester City is struggling to score goals, particularly with Erling Haaland, their goal machine from the previous season, consistently playing poorly. Notably, despite dominating the game but failing to score, City should have defeated Arsenal in their most recent match. Arsenal, on the other hand, has a large goal differential that indicates they are not really having any problems scoring goals. Compared to previous year, that is a significant shift.

Arsenal’s defense has allowed just 24 goals all season, which is a league low!
Another factor that works for Arsenal is that it is virtually injury-free, whereas City is struggling, as evidenced by players like Rodri, who expressed a desperate need for a break.

Notably, Arteta has decided to rest even important players this season in order to keep them fresh. He was unable to make that extremely courageous decision last season.

In addition, Arteta has transformed from a fiercely competitive individual to a lot more composed captain during games. He was significantly too active the previous season, which put an excessive amount of strain on the team as a whole.

When asked if he had considered becoming the first manager of Arsenal to win the Premier League in 20 years today during a press conference, he responded, “I don’t think like this to be fair.” I consider what needs to be done in order to defeat the next foe, win, and hold onto our current position. There’s still a long way to go.

That being said, Pep Guardiola, the coach of Manchester City, is mostly responsible for the rules that Arteta is adhering to. And Arteta has made an effort to adhere to it, even going so far as to alter his own actions. Will that be sufficient to win the League, or will he eventually need to demonstrate his unique genius to truly make an impact? The following six weeks will demonstrate whether Arteta have that special quality and whether it is necessary.

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