ENG VS IND 4th Test: Rohit Sharma Stresses Hunger for Success in Test Cricket

In recent statements, India’s cricket captain Rohit Sharma emphasized the significance of prioritizing Test cricket, stressing the need for players with a genuine hunger for the format.

This directive comes on the heels of a stern warning issued by BCCI secretary Jay Shah regarding the repercussions players might face if they prioritize IPL over Tests and domestic competitions.

ENG VS IND 4th Test: Rohit Sharma Stresses Hunger for Success in Test Cricket

India skipper Rohit Sharma has stated that players who demonstrate a drive for Test cricket will be given preference in the selection process. This has put more emphasis on Shreyas Iyer and Ishan Kishan, who were included in recent India Test squads but have missed Ranji Trophy matches after being pulled out.

“After India defeated England 3-1 in the fourth Test at Ranchi, I think this is the hardest format in cricket,” Rohit declared. “And you need that hunger if you want to succeed and shine in this challenging format. It is of utmost importance. We will only offer opportunities to those players who truly crave for them. The players who don’t have that hunger or who don’t want to stay here and play this format are easy to get to know. We discover that.

“We will give precedence to players who possess that hunger, who want to stay here and play, even under difficult circumstances. Naturally, the answer is really straightforward: there is no point in playing these players if you are not hungry.”

At the beginning of the year, Kishan was a member of India’s Test team in South Africa, but he withdrew from the series for private reasons. He hasn’t played any competitive cricket since, and he hasn’t watched any of Jharkhand’s Ranji games this year.
On Tuesday, when his team, Reserve Bank of India, plays their opening match in the present DY Patil T20 tournament—a corporate competition not organized by the BCCI but used by players to get ready for the IPL—he is expected to make an appearance.

ENG VS IND 4th Test: Rohit Sharma Stresses Hunger for Success in Test Cricket

Iyer was dropped out of the squad for the third and fourth Tests against England, having played the first two. He cited a back ailment as his explanation for missing Mumbai’s Ranji quarterfinal match against Baroda. He is scheduled to play in the DY Patil T20 event on behalf of Bharat Petrochemical Ltd.

When Rohit brought up the subject of hunger for Test cricket, he did not name names. He said that no player on the Test team or nearby lacked a passion for the format, but he cautioned those who were missing games that players who filled in and did well would be given preference in the event of a selection dispute.
Sarfaraz Khan, Dhruv Jurel, Akash Deep, Rajat Patidar, and other young players who have made their Test series debuts have all displayed impressive performances in the Test match against England.

“At present I don’t see anyone who doesn’t have that hunger: those who are here in the squad and even those who are not here – every one of them wants to play,” Rohit stated. “However, there aren’t many opportunities at this level. You forfeit the opportunity if you don’t take use of it. That is something that we have all encountered. Thus, it goes without saying that players who take advantage of their chances, contribute to the team’s success, and play well for it are acknowledged. That is crucial.
Next, Rohit answered the IPL query straight.

“We definitely think the IPL is a terrific format. However, Test cricket is the most challenging format; it is not simple to succeed and excel here,” he remarked. “As we have seen in these four Test matches, the three victories we have achieved were not simple ones. We had to put in a lot of effort; bowlers needed to bowl longer stints, and batsmen needed to spend plenty of time in the middle. Thus, this format requires a lot of labor.”

Throughout this England series, India has been without several key players, either completely or in sections. Since the conclusion of the first Test, KL Rahul has been out due to a quadriceps injury, while Virat Kohli and Mohammed Shami have not played at all. Due to a hamstring injury, R Ashwin missed a large portion of the third Test, and Jasprit Bumrah rested for the fourth Test. Ravindra Jadeja missed the second Test.

The youths stood up in these players’ absence and changed a small portion of history in the process. In terms of being outnumbered by the opposition’s Test caps, India’s three victories in this series rank in the top six.

ENG VS IND 4th Test: Rohit Sharma Stresses Hunger for Success in Test Cricket

The children “clearly tell me that they want to be here,” Rohit remarked. “All of the effort they put forth during their formative years, playing domestic cricket, participating in local club cricket and giving performances there, and then coming here… Obviously, playing Test cricket is quite difficult. Everyone is aware of that. However, these individuals look really encouraging, and when I speak with them, they respond in kind.

Hence, it’s my responsibility and Rahul (Dravid) bhai’s responsibility to see to it that we provide them with the surroundings that they desire. They also don’t feel overly motivated to get out there and do the task. They want to finish the task, but there’s no use in reminding or conversing with them about it over and over. Because they know exactly what they want to do when they come here.

“Dhruv Jurel had good poise, particularly in his second game. serenity as well. He’s also got the shots. The first-innings ninety was played all around the wicket and was absolutely essential for us to draw level with England. Together with Shubman Gill, they demonstrated a great deal of maturity and poise in the second innings as well.”

In addition to praising the newcomers’ abilities, Rohit also noted their readiness to adopt the team’s culture and carry out any tasks that are assigned to them.

“Given where we were at before the series, a lot of the players [were] missing – I have mentioned it quite a lot, so I don’t want to keep talking about it,” he stated. “These men arrived and completed the task flawlessly. You can be quite proud of them for taking on this duty so well, especially considering how inexperienced the guys were.

“No matter what you say, playing Test cricket presents a unique set of pressures and challenges. However, several of these (players) have excelled in handling the pressures throughout the series. Many of these young men have never participated in a Test match or been a member of the Indian team.

First and foremost, it’s critical to comprehend the culture of the dressing room. It’s also critical to adjust to the team’s desired style. However, these guys have shown that they are willing to do anything the team asks of them. The kind of guys you need in the squad are those who say, “I’m going to put my hand up and do it.” These people have demonstrated that they are willing to take on challenges and prioritize the demands of the team over those of individual members.

“Going forward, having so many of these men come up and prove they belong here is a huge benefit for us. Although it’s early, they have demonstrated that they possess all the necessary aptitude and expertise to succeed in this format.

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