Following his heartfelt post on the 97th-minute stunner against Wolves, Manchester United’s Kobbie Mainoo delivers a message to a distraught fan

After reading a heartfelt tweet from a fan describing how he appreciated watching the Manchester United teenager score a last-minute goal with his sick father, Kobbie Mainoo responded.

In the Premier League, Manchester United had a successful weekend. They defeated Wolverhampton Wanderers 4-3 and then defeated West Ham United 3-0 after that. After five goals in a wild second half, United’s triumph over Wolves was especially memorable for the team, as 18-year-old Mainoo struck the game’s winning goal in the 97th minute.

Manchester United's Kobbie Mainoo delivers a message to a distraught fan

After the win, supporters remembered how often United scored goals right before the deadline, especially when they were headed by Alex Ferguson until 2013. But out of all the comments posted on social media, one particularly stood out. It was from a fan who wrote about how he and his sick father were celebrating the win together. The supporter continued by stating that his father had died that morning and expressed the hope that Mainoo would see the post and understand the impact the young midfield player had on the family.

It turns out that Mainoo responded to the post on Manchester United’s social media platforms because it became so viral. “I’m sorry to hear of your father’s demise. I’m happy we were able to enjoy this precious moment together, even if I was just a small part of it. In order for us to communicate and organize things, I wanted to extend an invitation to you and your son to a game shortly. In the club’s video, Mainoo adds, “Remain strong and I’ll see you soon.”

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