Ireland’s Cricketers Secure Revised Central Contracts with Pay Raise Till 2025

Ireland’s national cricket players have successfully negotiated a revised set of central contracts, resulting in a pay raise.

The agreements, which were made after players turned down an earlier offer, are valid through February 25, 2025.

Ireland’s Cricketers Secure Revised Central Contracts with Pay Raise Till 2025

Following a standoff, Cricket Ireland (CI) and the Irish Cricketers’ Association (ICA) came to an agreement on the conditions of central contracts, resulting in a wage increase for Ireland’s players.

Last week, The Irish Times revealed that Ireland’s players had turned down a board offer, meaning they would have to play in June’s T20 World Cup on contracts that ended at the end of February. Players continued to get their retainers because those contracts’ conditions essentially carried over indefinitely.

However, CI and the ICA jointly declared on Thursday night that they have reached an agreement on terms and are currently finalizing the first Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between the two organizations.

“Revised contracts will be issued immediately, and will apply until the end of February 2025,” said the statement.

The CEO of CI, Warren Deutrom, attested to the fact that players have obtained wage increases. “From the inception of player payments, the Cricket Ireland board has always prioritised our senior men’s and women’s players to reward them for their huge part in driving forward the sport in Ireland,” he stated.

In Irish cricket this year, the players have reaped the most portion of the additional revenue. That is the proper situation. Without forgetting our responsibility to support the sport at all levels, especially grassroots, club, and provincial, I think we have done our best to honor players for their dedication and accomplishments.” This will ensure that we are able to produce more international players in the future.”

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Despite the process’s delay, Deutrom stated that CI and the ICA had good ties. “These negotiations have taken time to finalise due to the later-than-planned sign-off of our budget, and the complexity of the new model for player contracts,” he stated. “However, at all times, we have been working very positively with the ICA to ensure we reached an agreement that works for all.”

“Our members have been unified throughout this whole process, and the outcome is a significant one for all professional players in Ireland, and [for] the game,” stated Cecelia Joyce, a former Ireland batter and current president of the ICA. It guarantees more clarity and openness regarding the revenue split among the participants as well as the terms of the contracts for the upcoming term.”

The 2024–25 roster of contracted players has not yet been released by CI, although they have stated that “more information regarding the Memorandum of Understanding and contracts will be published in due course.”

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