Michael Hussey’s Optimism for MS Dhoni’s Future: CSK Updates 2024

Michael Hussey, the batting coach of Chennai Super Kings (CSK), in an recent interview, expressed his optimism about MS Dhoni’s continued presence in cricket and the successful transition of captaincy to Ruturaj Gaikwad in IPL 2024.

When asked if he will return next year, Dhoni “keeps his cards very, very close to his chest,” according to CSK’s batting coach.

Michael Hussey’s Optimism for MS Dhoni’s Future: CSK Updates 2024

Will this be MS Dhoni’s final IPL season?

The batting coach for the Chennai Super Kings, Michael Hussey, has no idea why, but he hopes Dhoni plays for “another couple of years”.

When asked if Dhoni will return the following year, Hussey responded, “Your guess is as good as mine at this stage,.” He is extremely discreet about his cards. We sincerely hope he continues.

“He continues to bat so beautifully. He arrives at the camp early and hits a lot of balls, demonstrating his good preparation. Really, he has been in good touch the entire season. All we can do, I suppose, is try to control his physical condition. After the past season, he underwent knee surgery. Thus, he has been in charge of that since the competition’s inception.

From an individual perspective, I hope he continues for a few more years. However, we’ll just have to wait and find out. That decision will only be made by him. In addition, he enjoys adding a little drama to things. Thus, I wouldn’t count on a decision coming up soon.”

Due to the knee operation, Dhoni’s workload has been overseen by CSK. Only a few deliveries are in front of him when he arrives. In the match against Punjab Kings, he even batted ninth. He has nevertheless managed to leave an impression. He has a 226.66 strike rate and has scored 136 runs in ten innings.

Hussey stated, “I understand that fans would like to see him bat a little bit higher in the order, but we have had to manage him a little bit and he only comes in at the back end because of that [the knee surgery].” However, MS has been the only player to be able to enter the game and strike the ball so cleanly from ball one. He has excelled beyond measure.”

Many, including Hussey, were taken aback when Dhoni gave the captaincy to Ruturaj Gaikwad at the beginning of the season. However, because Gaikwad was already being prepared for the position, the move went smoothly. Moreover, Dhoni is present to assist him.

“MS made it known that he would not be attending the captains’ meeting before to the event. And we think, “Oh no.” “What’s happening?” Hussey murmured. “He declared that Ruturaj would become captain moving forward. Thus, although it was initially a little shocking, it has been handled quite effectively.

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“I am aware that Ruturaj and head coach Stephen Fleming had been collaborating extensively before the competition. He has actually been training him for a few years now. We’ve sort of known for a while now that he was the best person to take over as CEO after Microsoft decided to retire.

“MS wanted to stay on board to assist the new captain and serve as a small mentor to him during his transition. So that has also proven to be really effective. And it goes without saying that Gaikwad finds Stephen Fleming to be a fantastic role model. In fact, everything has gone fairly smoothly.”

As of right now, CSK has won seven of its thirteen games played under Gaikwad. They are now third in the standings, and a victory over Royal Challengers Bengaluru on Saturday will guarantee them a position in the playoffs. Gaikwad has been influential in the bat game. He is now the second-highest run scorer in the league with 583 runs at a strike rate of 141.50.

Hussey remarked, “He is a great guy, Ruturaj, very calm.” “He has good game intelligence. It was always going to be really difficult for him, because how can you follow someone as talented as MS Dhoni? However, he did a fantastic job. On the field, he has shown remarkable composure and poise. The more he practices and the more assistance we give him, in my opinion, the better he will get.

The nice thing, in my opinion, is that it hasn’t had any impact whatsoever on his hitting either. He’s done a fantastic job with the bat. Thus far, it’s been pretty positive.”

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