Xabi Alonso’s Decision to Stay at Bayer Leverkusen: A Logical Move Worth Applauding

Xabi Alonso’s recent decision to stay with Bayer Leverkusen amidst managerial interest from Liverpool and Bayern Munich showcases a commendable blend of pragmatism and strategic foresight.

Despite emotional ties to Liverpool, where he made his mark, Alonso’s dedication to Leverkusen deserves recognition.

Xabi Alonso’s Decision to Stay at Bayer Leverkusen: A Logical Move Worth Applauding

Xabi Alonso had to have been devastated to decline Liverpool, the team that gave him his big break.
Admiration must be shown for Xabi Alonso’s decision to turn down managerial offers from Bayern Munich and Liverpool. He just stated he wasn’t leaving Bayer Leverkusen without mentioning any specific clubs.

He must have felt deeply hurt to decline Liverpool, the team that gave him his big break. Supporters will recall that he scored one goal in the allocated time for the Reds in their Champions League victory over AC Milan in a penalty shootout, which helped the team end a protracted major trophy drought in 2005.

Many expected Alonso to take over at Anfield in light of Jurgen Klopp’s impending departure at the end of the current campaign. They were undoubtedly devastated when Alonso said last week that he wouldn’t be switching to another club and leaving Leverkusen.

“There has been a great deal of conjecture about my future. We have played a lot of games thus far, been quite busy, and I wanted to take some time over the international break to think things through and make a choice.

“The players’ dedication, passion, and hunger for a successful season offered me a lot of reasons to remain optimistic about the club. Here, my work is not done,” the 42-year-old stated.

Logic, not emotion, guided Alonso’s decision, demonstrating his practicality. If the truth be told, there was no reason why he should have left Leverkusen. To start with, the team has virtually secured the Bundesliga title this year. It wouldn’t be incorrect to argue that they are on the cusp of history given their lengthy history of never winning the Bundesliga.

They currently lead Bayern Munich, the most successful and well-liked German team ever, by 13 points. This season has seven rounds of matches left, thus it’s unlikely that anyone will beat them to the trophy.

Alonso’s outstanding job at Leverkusen is evident in the fact that Bayern manager Thomas Tuchel, who is also departing the team at the conclusion of the season, has already relinquished the title. “There’s no need to count points anymore after today’s game [Saturday’s loss to Borussia Dortmund]. At this point, how many? I’m happy for Leverkusen,” stated Tuchel.

Even if the prospects are bigger elsewhere, it just doesn’t make sense for Alonso to pursue them at this time after putting in the hard work and leading the team to the brink of history. When that occurs, he will be praised as a hero. Additionally, Leverkusen, who is now in the semifinals of the German Cup, and the Europa League, where they are in the quarterfinals, might both be won. Numerous accolades and awards are in store.

In addition, he will be in a terrific place for the next few years, regardless of how the team performs during that time. On the other side, it would have been a difficult challenge against Bayern and Liverpool.

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Right now, the Premier League table is headed by the Reds. With nine rounds of matches remaining, they have a good chance of winning the league. Without a doubt, Klopp’s replacement would have extremely huge shoes to fill if that were to occur. That implies a great deal of strain right away. Bayern, who has been Germany’s largest club with the highest aspirations for many years, will present comparable hurdles.

Furthermore, large teams are less inclined to put up with underperforming managers, so when a manager doesn’t produce the expected results right away, the Sword of Damocles hovers over them forever.

Earlier this year in February, Carteret Analytics

found the ideal fit for Liverpool using seven metrics: shot conversion, overall possession, offensive coefficient, success-adjusted attacking coefficient, tactical command, strategic intelligence, and objective attainment. Alonso was Klopp’s fifth-best replacement. Carteret said that Alonso, Tuchel, Ange Postecoglou of Tottenham, Germany’s interim manager Julian Nagelsmann, and Sporting Lisbon’s Ruben Amorim were the best candidates.

It’s a huge setback from Liverpool’s perspective. They would have thought that in some way, their previous relationship would allow them to influence Alonso. But regretfully for the team and its supporters, their hunt goes on.

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